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Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

toilet seat

There are plenty of items you happen to use every day that are absolutely worse than the surface of your toilet seat on a bad day. Although some of them make sense, such as money exchanging hands and so forth, there are others that may surprise you all the way. Let’s point out some of them and why they are extremely filthy without you realizing it:

clean the cutting board

• The kitchen cutting board

On average your cutting board has 200 times the faecal bacteria present on a toilet seat. How is this possible you ask, possibly gasping in horror? Well the answer is pretty simple actually: raw meat. A lot of the faecal bacteria originate inside animals and their internal organs. That nice chicken you just sliced up for a lovely meal? The tiny cuts left into the cutting board by your knife will quickly become Main Street for all manner of germs setting up shop. You will need to work on properly cleaning up every so often, starting by washing plastic cutting boards using a liquid dish detergent and water, then follow that up by soaking them in a solution of a gallon of water and two teaspoons bleach. When it comes to wooden boards, you can do the same, but use two tablespoons of bleach per gallon instead. Avoid soaking overnight, as this will saturate the wood with bleach.

keyboard cleaning

• The keyboard

Working on your desktop PC/laptop or whatever else you’re using while eating can quickly become a problem. The amount of bacteria transferred to mice and keyboards happens to be roughly five times that found on a toilet seat. There has been more than one case where stomach flu outbreaks have occurred because of this, so make sure you wash your hands, keyboard surfaces and more often enough to prevent and avoid this. Cleaning your keyboard should be just as important as cleaning the machine from dust.

clean laundry

• Your clean laundry

A load of underwear will help transfer a lot of E. coli bacteria, the most common culprit behind loose bowels, and right into your washing machine where it can contaminate other clothing. With a front loader machine things can be a lot worse, as water will still settle on the bottom and it may create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in. The toilet seat will be too dry to support a large bacterial colony. You can work on cleaning the washing machine with a load of whites and bleach first, or even running a cycle with nothing but bleach once a month. To avoid spreading any bacteria you would do well to wash underwear separately.

dirty phone

• Your tablet or smartphone

Think about the amount of time you spend working on your phone when you’re done eating or after you’ve touched all manner of objects and surfaces. There is an incredible amount of bacteria ending up on your electronics, something that is absolutely unpleasant and needs to be handled with the right cleaning efforts. You can reduce the exposure to germs by cleaning up your electronics with screen wipes or a damp, soft cloth and make sure you leave them out of the bathroom or other places of high humidity, as cleaning them will be nightmarish.

carpet cleaning

• Your carpets

Bacteria really love eating dead skin cells. As a matter of fact think of this as their favourite diet when they live in your home and your carpets. The average person tends to shed millions of these every hour, which turns your carpet into a fine dining experience whenever you also add food particles from crumbs and so forth. Since a vacuum cleaner will not reach all the way down to the bottom of your carpet, you will need to hire a carpet cleaning company to make house cleaning easier than ever.

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