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How to Remove Carpet Stains?

Stains can be the nightmare of anyone in Wimbledon who wants his/her home to look nice and polished. While certain surfaces can be “friendlier” when it comes to stains, the truth is that there are areas of your home where even a small stain can be a huge headache if you don’t know how to deal with it. Rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning very frequently fall into this group of “stains” that seem irreparable.

The good news is that most carpet stains can be actually dealt with – and all it takes is a bit of spare time and knowing how to do this. We have gathered 3 types of common carpet stains and the solution to cleaning them off – so if you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure to read on and find out more.

1.    Nail polish. It doesn’t matter how the nail polish got into the carpet in your home in Wimbledon, SW19 – all it matters is that it is there and that nail polish doesn’t feel like the easiest thing to clean off. If you have spilled nail polish on the carpet, you should make sure to keep the area as damp as possible because this will prevent the nail polish from drying off. First, blot the area with a clean, dry cloth and then blot it with a damp cloth. Use another piece of cloth to damp the area with nail polish remover (it can be without acetone too).

If you don’t have any type of nail polish around your home, use rubbing alcohol, hairspray or hydrogen peroxide (but use the latter only if the area you want to clean up is white). If the stain has already dried off, you have to dampen the area first, then scrub everything using an old toothbrush, vacuum, repeat the entire process as many times as necessary and only then start blotting the area with nail polish remover (or with other carpet cleaners such as those mentioned above – but make sure you test them out first on a small, unnoticeable area of the carpet).

2.    Coffee. Spilling nail polish over the carpet may not be extremely frequent – but coffee stains happen all the time. If the spill is fresh, use a clean cloth to blot the area gently and to remove as much of the coffee as possible. Then, spray some water and blot with another clean cloth. If the stain persists after doing this, try apply a mild soap detergent with your fingers into the fibers (but do it as gently as possible) and then rinse by spraying water and blotting with a dry cloth. Foam shaving cream, baking soda and water solutions and vinegar and water solutions might work as well. However, test them on a small patch of the carpet that is not noticeable first because you might end up with a discolored carpet otherwise.

3.    Food coloring. If you want to remove food coloring from the carpet without having to call in the professional cleaners, deal with the stain as soon as possible. Start by blotting the area with a  cloth dampened in lemon juice or vinegar and then use a clean, dry cloth to blot as much of the stain as possible. Spray lukewarm water over the stain and blot with a clean, dry piece of cloth again.

If the stain in your home in Wimbledon persists even after doing this, use some commercial carpet cleaner (but make sure it’s suitable for your type of carpet). If the stain still persists, use a wet spotter and some vinegar or lemon juice and repeat the entire process all over again.

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