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Why Should You Switch to Microfiber?

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Home cleaning becomes easier and easier with each passing day. Today there is this invention called microfiber which makes your life a lot easier when dealing with your cleaning chores. It was not long ago that you were advised to clean your house with paper towels and rags, and your windows with newspaper, and now you have the ultimate solution to every single stain you might encounter in your house or flat. Of course, there are still sceptics on the matter as there will always be when a new product emerges. Why should you switch to microfiber products? Read on and find out.

house cleaning

•    Microfiber cloths do the job of every other tool you may use for cleaning. You no longer need to use a duster for dusting, a sponge or linen cloth for cleaning, and another cloth for polishing. A microfiber cloth will do all these things, no problems at all. The tiny fibres that the cloths consist of are incredibly fine, and can pick up even the smallest specks of dust. There is no cleaning product that the microfiber cloths cannot be used in combination with, and there is no surface that they cannot wipe clean.

microfiber towels

•    Microfiber is reusable. While every other cleaner you use has a life expectancy of one use, the microfiber cloths can be washed and used over and over again for different purposes. You save materials, energy, and money with this product. This makes cleaning with microfiber environmentally friendly as you will throw away less used and unusable materials, and since it works better than, say, sponges, you will waste less water when cleaning. Think about the environment and be greener when house cleaning.

oven cleaning

•    Microfiber can be used for every single room. From kitchen to bathroom, from smooth surfaces like countertops to rougher ones like stoves, it can reach everywhere, go through everything, and clean better than most of any other cloth. It also reaches to hard places, like the grit between tiles on walls or floors – the fine fibres need just a single swipe at the dirt to get it out of your sight.

cleaning your car

•    Microfiber products are not only useful for cleaning the house, you can use it for different other things. Your laptop’s screen will have a longer lasting life and a brighter display when cleaned with a microfiber. A microfiber cloth can clean your glasses to perfection, and even your car can benefit from a few such cloths.

•    Using microfiber is incredibly easy, and it requires less effort from your part. All you need to remember is to dust with a dry cloth and clean with a moist one. Yes, moist – not a wet one. This means you don’t have to use an incredible amount of water to keep the cloth wet, and thus you save on water. A moist microfiber attracts all kinds of dirt and works wonders for any occasion.


•    All you need to remember about microfiber is that it doesn’t stack with fabric softeners. Keep the two separate as fabric softeners ruin the cloths efficacy by clogging the small hairs which the fibres consist of. Just wash with water and you are done.

•    And, on top of all, you don’t need to use any cleaning products with microfiber. The cloth cleans almost any type of stain all by itself which means that you don’t have to bring in more toxins to your home. Use detergents and cleaners only if necessary and if the cloth can’t handle a stain, otherwise the microfiber cloth does most jobs perfectly.

cleaning services

Not yet convinced that the microfiber cloth is among the best inventions for the cleaning industry? Well then, there is only one way to find out whether you are right or wrong – get yourself a microfiber cloth and wait for cleaning day to come so that you can witness its full useful and efficient glory.

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