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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Hair Brush

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If you are the kind of person who is very attached to their hair and likes to give it all the care in the world, then you probably have a plethora of tools just for that purpose. And after a certain period of time spent using all those tools, you will come to the conclusion that maybe you need a solution not just for the hair but for the tools as well. After enough brushing, most hair brushes become stuffed with hair and start doing less than half the work they were doing before. And yes, you definitely need to clean the brushes as they gather not just hair, but also all the grease and dirt that your hair accumulates during the day – the end result often resembles something gathered after an ample time spent carpet cleaning. And guess where all that grease and dirt goes when you brush your hair after a nice shower. You need to know how to clean your brushes, as just pinching and pulling at them doesn’t always work, and with forceful pulling you can also damage the brush’s teeth. So here are a few tricks you can implement:

cleaning a hair brush

The Push Up Trick
One way to get the brush clean is by taking a pen or a pencil, or anything thin and elongated, really. Take the long thing end to the bottom layer of hair on the brush and start pushing it up. Switch sides after every few pushes and that way you will loosen up all the hair stuck to the teeth. Once the hair is loosened and raised above halfway up the teeth, you can just pinch it by the sides and remove it yourself. Any hair left can be picked up with a small comb. After that you simply have to wash the brush and you are done.

brush cleaning

The Scissors Trick
Take your scissors and put them to good use by snipping away along the brush’s centre, between the teeth. The biggest problem with pulling hair from the brush is that longer hair tends to tangle around multiple teeth and becomes hard to pull out. But with the scissors you can snip the tangled mess and then simply pinch the hairs out with nary a problem. If you own a round brush, the trick is the same – you just have to do this for every 90 or 180 degrees along the brush’s surface.

brush and scissors

Washing the Brush
Simply dumping the brush into a pool of water is not exactly the correct solution, especially if it is made of some specific material, or if it has a wooden handle and a flat end. That will surely invite some mould which you definitely don’t want on a brush. Take a cup of water; add a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of shampoo. Stir with an old toothbrush (which you haven’t used to clean grout during the home cleaning!) and then use the toothbrush to wash your hair brush. Wash each tooth or bristle of the brush and half the work is done. Now just rinse the brush (unless it is wooden) and let it dry out. If you do have a wooden brush, then use the same toothbrush, dip it into only water and scrub over the piles until you are sure that no trace of shampoo is left behind. And again, let it dry out.

clean hair brush

And voila! You are done and you have a nice clean brush. Now you can do those 100 strokes before bedtime without fearing that you’ll undo all the ‘carpet cleaning’ muck into your hair.

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