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The World's Cleanest Cities

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the cleanest cities

Do you have any idea how clean a city can be? You hardly do, especially if you live in a place with low property and street maintenance, but you would be flabbergasted to learn that some cities maintain an absurd level of cleanliness – both physical and green cleanliness, meaning that the cities are pure and healthy to live in as well as clean. Both cleaning companies and citizens work towards the city’s bright image and with the combine effort you get these fine places:

• Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Let’s not play around and start with the best. Calgary is the absolute cleanest city in the entire world. You will not see a piece of litter – not even a single cigarette butt – marking the streets as the local government works for the city’s image and has great fines in store for those who litter. It has a water purifying system that cleanses about a hundred million litres of water on a daily basis, and the city uses renewable energy sources to power up about 75 percent of itself. Clean, green, and an amazing place to live in.


• Adelaide, Australia
This is a place where everybody works hard at maintaining the reputation of the city as the cleanest place in Australia. It is full of parks and green areas that make for the city being one of the places to breathe the purest oxygen on the planet, and has an awesome recycling system that deals with 85% of the city’s waste. Cleaning agencies have definitely not wasted their time here.


• Kobe, Japan
If you had no idea that Japan is a clean country, then you have obviously never been there to see its cleanliness in person. And for the cleanest city in Japan, go to Kobe to see some of the world’s best drainage and sewer systems that take care of all the area’s wastewater. Its waste disposal and sanitation programmes are superb and it has some of the longest life expectancies for its citizens.


• Wellington, New Zealand
If you want to talk about unspoilt beauty, then Wellington is your city. See plenty of green spaces and coasts that have been preserved to let nature form New Zealand’s capital charm. It has amazing waste management systems, energy consumption systems, and the air quality gives it a great atmosphere.


• Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark’s capital is a city that offers you among the best qualities of life you can find on the planet, and is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, voted as Europe’s Green Capital in 2014. It has beautiful sceneries and the residents work on attaining a great quality of air – statistics show that 36 percent of the citizens ride bicycles instead of cars, and daily they cycle over 1 million kilometres.


• Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Honolulu is not only one of the prettiest cities in the world and a major tourist attraction due to its beaches and heavenly scenery, but its well-kept lush vegetation and unspoilt natural beauty make for an amazing environment. It is one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the Western world with a great atmosphere provided by the proximity of the ocean.


• Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Starting and finishing with Canada, its capital gives you the best effort in improving the city’s cleanliness. It has one of the best programmes and projects designed to keep the city clean, and it has a variety of annual activities that focus on cleaning the streets, including a Spring Cleaning the Capital month when over 60,000 volunteers roll up their sleeves and help with cleaning the parks, streets, roads, and sidewalks.


Visit any one of these grand cities to see what real cleanliness is all about and how much effort is invested on a daily basis to maintain it. And then you can tell your neighbour about how hard keeping your home clean is.

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