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The Top 5 British Films

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Best British Movies

It’s really difficult to find time to sit back on the sofa and immerse in a great home-grown movie. All those household cleaning jobs and other chores and your job can really get you down so you can’t relax like you’d like to. If you’ve felt the benefits of professional cleaners before though, or know what it’s like to get a little extra help around the house, you’re going to have a lot more space for those great films that may have slipped through the net. All of these are established classics, and you’re sure to enjoy them a lot more than cleaning!

5. Withnail and I
In a truly British twist to the comedy road movie, you almost wouldn’t recognise it as such because of its unique approach to the genre. It follows the titular Withnail (expertly played by Richard E. Grant) and his unnamed friend as failed actors caught up in the squalor of England’s savage underclass. After swindling an affluent Uncle into affording them his distant farmhouse for a “holiday”, they decide the retreat will be just what they need recharge their creative batteries. What ensues, however, is a dark yet hilarious journey through a Kafkaesque countryside.

Best British Movies

4. Goldfinger
What’s more British than James Bond? The truth is that, over the years, 007 and his antics have come to captivate millions of dedicated fans around the world – and keep a franchise running for an unbelievably long time! Goldfinger is not only one of the best, if not the best Bond movie, but a shining example of British cinema. From its excellent selection of cantankerous and memorable villains, to that world-famous laser scene where you’d surely expect Mr. Bond to die, the film never slows down or disappoints. It’s always stood the test of time too, so don’t be afraid to dust off this old classic!

3. A Clockwork Orange
An absolute staple of Stanley Kubrick’s magnificent catalogue, A Clockwork Orange may also stand out as the most stark and shocking. Not one for the faint of heart, this heavy-going and complex drama unfolds through some rather disturbing scenes – while culminating in one of Britain’s finest movies. Complete with an exceptional soundtrack that was both forward thinking and ahead of its time, there’s no denying this film is high art. Malcolm McDowell’s show stopping performance is not to be missed, so see this amazing Anthony Burgess adaptation while you can.

Top British Movies

2. Lawrence of Arabia
Centring on the fantastic acting talents of Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, this epic simply can’t be touched in terms of scale and execution. It’s an incredibly long film at over three hours, but it’s one that totally engrosses anyone who watches it, and you’re sure to find something profound to take away from it. David Lean’s masterpiece is embellished throughout by an emotional and perfectly composed score by Maurice Jarre. This is one for when all that cleaning around the home is done, as you’ll really need to take it in!

1. Monty Python’s Life of Brian
One thing Britain is best known and loved for around the world is its comedy. Impossible to replicate, but guaranteed to please, it seems nobody can make people laugh like the Brits. When it comes to comedy, Monty Python set the highest watermark they possibly could have when they came out with their Flying Circus in the 70s. By the time their controversial, yet incredibly thoughtful, Life of Brian saw release, they’d truly matured into an intelligent and forward thinking group who could make us laugh harder than ever. With a cleaning company and these movies you really will be looking on the bright side of life!

British Movies You Must See

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