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The House CAN Clean Itself: The Power of a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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Did you ever think that spring cleaning is actually avoidable? No, not by neglecting it and leaving the house in the mercy of the dirt, dust and tumbleweeds. There is a better solution that will not only save you the few days an year you spend on spring cleaning, but will also save you the hours of house cleaning on certain weekends. It’s called a cleaning schedule. Have you ever thought about what a cleaning schedule can do for you? Yes, it means responsibility and it means having definite chores, but you have those anyway, and doing them on a regular basis will mean much more free time for yourself instead of whole days disappearing because you have to shovel out all the dirt in your home. Here are the benefits you can receive with one.

• 5-20 minutes a day equals a free weekend
Vacuum the floor on a daily basis, scrub the windows every three days, wash the dishes after using them, dust the counters and shelves every other day. What happens after that? Well, for one, now you don’t have to spend hours on carpet cleaning, more hours on window washing, and even more hours of taking out all the things off shelves, cleaning the shelves, and then reordering everything back on the shelves. Your weekend is suddenly free to be used in any way you want without fearing that you are neglecting chores.

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• No thoroughness required
When you are regularly cleaning, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on a single stain. You clean until it’s clean enough and not immaculate. If you want a spotless house, it’s up to you how much time you spend on the upholstery cleaning, but if you just stick to a schedule, a few minutes of sofa cleaning a day means having a clean sofa that won’t suffocate you with dust.

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• The effort becomes automatic
At a certain point the home cleaning schedule will merely become part of your daily routine and will be barely noticeable. You will clean just because that is what you do, and not because you made an annoying new schedule to stick to. The effort you make will be just an extension of your everyday life and nothing new or outside to take from your relaxation time. Furthermore, if you keep the cleaning tools and products nearby, you will not even notice the transition from washing the dishes to cleaning the sink, or from taking your shoes off to vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner next to the shoe stand.

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• Watch as clutter disappears
If you do house cleaning on a daily basis, then there will be barely any clutter to deal with, ever. By putting things in their place right after using them, or placing them back while vacuuming or dusting, there will be nothing out of place and no space taken by things that should have been somewhere else. Spending time on organising things will no longer be needed and you will have all that free time for yourself, your biggest problem becoming what to spend it on.

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A weekly cleaning schedule will help you both save time for yourself and keep the home clean and safe without any noticeable effort. If you use your imagination, you can find ways of making these few minutes spent on daily cleaning enjoyable, like listening to music while doing it, or the evening news, or maybe turning on the sports channel before venturing to collect laundry for the washing machine. And all this will result in a self-maintained home that will not require long, thorough and arduous cleaning sessions every other week.

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