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The Cleaning Kit Your Dorm Room Life Needs

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essentials your dorm room life needs

You finally left the family nest and now it’s time to show off your independence by moving to a dorm room while you are in college. This is a great first step… if you can sustain that cleanliness that will get you through college, or, more precisely, through life in the dorm rooms. Let’s face it, dorm rooms are dirty. And they can get so dirty, it’s actually incredible anybody is living there. Props to you if you decided on venturing there, but if you want to survive you will need the proper equipment. Cleaning your room in the dorms is not like home cleaning – mother is no longer around to do it for you, and you will probably have a roommate who will be more or less unfamiliar with how house cleaning works, but very proficient at the opposite. Here is what you will need to fight this chaos.

1.    A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners will be your best friends. They will save you from the daily dose of suffocating dust which the small room will accumulate, and not to mention the heaps of crumbs that your roommate will seem to be hoarding on the shared desk or table. It would be best if you get yourself one of the cordless hand models and dust and crumbs will never be a problem again. Definitely the best and easiest way to deal with carpet cleaning, or, rather, save yourself from it.

your best friend

2.    (Disinfecting) Wipes

Oh, will you ever need wipes. You probably never knew how important wipes were before you became a college student. Once you live away from somebody who does the home cleaning for you long enough, you will start noticing how precious that kitchen roll back home actually was. Crumbs, small stains from fast food, fallen food, ketchup and mustard drops on the desk – all of these will start infesting your life and you need a weapon to fight them with. Wipes are the universal answer for every dirt-related problem, and the disinfecting wipes will make sure that no damage has been sustained before you took action.

a weapon to fight germs

3.    Toilet Scrubber

One wondrous fact you will find about house cleaning is that the toilet does not clean itself. Yes, that is a job that somebody in your home actually handles. Just like you will be handling it from now on in your dorm room. Get yourself a good scrubber and learn to use it. Frequently. You have no idea just how smelly a place can get… well, until now.

Toilet Brush

4.    Screen Wipes

Laptops, tablets, iPads and iPhones will be an incredibly important part of your college life. This is exactly why you need to keep them as safe as possible. You need these special wipes which will help your little friend breathe and will keep it alive, ensuring its maximum longevity.

cleaning your laptop

5.    A laundry Bag

Did you even think you’d have to take care of laundry? You will miss the times at home when you threw your clothes on the floor, went out, and when you came back home, they were gone, soon to be returned to your wardrobe or dresser, clean once again. Now if you throw your clothes on the floor and leave the room, when you return they will be still there, and maybe dirtier than before. Thus, you need to get a laundry bag where all these clothes will go, and eventually take that filled laundry bag to a washing machine before it starts overflowing.

use laundry bags

Time to grow up! Actually, that time is overdue, so it is time you learn about the importance of those chores your mum kept bothering you about back home. Be equipped and prepared for them as best you can when you enter the dorm room before you get buried under a heap of rubbish.

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