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The 7 Germiest Items in Your Home

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germs at homeYou may think your home is always safe from germs and bacteria just because you spend a great amount of time house cleaning every single week, or even every few days. But germs are not that easy to get rid of. As you are reading his, they have already ambled over back to their favourite spots in your supposedly immaculate kitchen. Let’s make a list of those spots.

1. Kitchen Sponge
Starting with the dirtiest thing in any house, you can be absolutely assured that your kitchen sponge is the germiest item in your home. You can be sure of that, because statistics show that the kitchen sponges and dish rags are the dirtiest items of over 70 percent of households. Yes, ironically, the item you use to clean needs the most cleaning itself. And it makes sense – you buy it pure and after a few uses, all the bacteria gathered when cleaning dishes are set aside and they start multiplying until cleaned properly.

kitchen cleaning

2. Kitchen Sink
This is the one list where the kitchen sink does not come last. In fact, it comes second because statistics point out that the kitchen sink in half the households in the world is the dirtiest item there. The kitchen sink is dirtier than a toilet seat, imagine that! This happens because people clean absolutely everything in the sink but very rarely clean the sink itself except when doing a thorough kitchen or home cleaning. The kitchen sinks should actually be cleaned, or at least rinsed, after every single use.

kitchen sink

3. Counter Top
Third on the list is the counter top, with it being not cleaned properly around 30 percent of the time. And it makes sense – the counter top is where you prepare your meals, all your food, clean and unclean, goes there. You cut the unneeded parts over it and set them aside – again, on the counter top – and continue cutting before or after washing. There is so much activity going on on the counter top that you at least remember to wipe it clean every now and then, but even that is not enough.


4. Toothbrush Holder
Another unsurprising dirty object in the house is the toothbrush holder. This is something that gets taken over germs for one simple reason – it is extremely rarely cleaned. Many people remember that they have holders only when looking for their toothbrush, and even then they are not aware of the holder’s ability to get dirty until they draw out a blackened brush. Furthermore, all the bacteria you scrape from your teeth with the toothbrush, if not then rinsed properly, slide down the holder and make things even worse.

toothbrush holder

5. Bathroom Faucet Handles
What is the first thing you do after you are done with whatever you are doing on the toilet bowl? Yes, you wash your hands, but what comes right before that? That’s right – you turn the faucet with your dirty, germy hands. And very rarely do people think about cleaning the faucet after they are done washing their hands, making it one of the germiest items at home as well.

bathroom cleaning

6. Living Room Carpet
Have you any idea how dirty an average living room carpet is? You bring in dirt and bacteria every single time you step on it after coming indoors, especially if your household does not have the tendency of taking off shoes when in the house. And if you have a pet, one that roams about on the outside and then comes back in to roll on the carpet, you can imagine just how many germs stick to the carpet. Daily vacuuming and carpet cleaning is a must to keep the carpet to a minimal amount of germs.

carpet cleaning

7. Purses / Wallets
That’s right. The woman’s purse can very well be one of the dirtiest items around. It is rarely changed and rarely cleaned, and everything you have touched with dirty hands is inside and almost never cleaned. Same goes for wallets. Every time you take your wallet out to pay for something, you touch it with dirty hands, and the wallet is among the things that people never clean – especially men just wait for it to tear apart and throw it away, but cleaning is out of the question.


Here ends your list of germiest items you can find at home. Learn from this list and know what you need to pay more attention to in order to have a cleaner and healthier household.

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