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Ten of the Most Historical UK Hotels

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Kingsmills Hotel and Kings Club
A beautiful 17th century building to be located in Inverness, this four star hotel offers both luxury and history in spades! It also features facilities for all sorts of events of varying shape and size. You won’t find cleaner rooms anywhere in the local region of Inverness.

The Swan
This Suffolk mainstay is really well known in its immediate area for high quality amenities and intrigue. It is in fact made up of several different buildings which can be dated right back to the 1300s! There are all kinds of incredible things to see in the area, and an Elizabethan property and Wool Hall are just two examples of the hotel’s history!


Eckington Manor
An amazing 12th century manor placed within 260 acres of farmyard that’s impressive on its own, it doesn’t stop there at Worcester’s Eckington Manor. Each room is individually decorated for that unique feel, and stocked with all the modern facilities despite its beaming from the 1100s! It even has completely free Wi-Fi throughout its setting!

Crabwall Manor Hotel and Spa
While stemming from a little earlier, from 1660, it still stands today as an amazing way to relax and get cleaning your mind and body in no time. Within Cheshire, and only a very short drive from Chester, it also has great access to the M56 motorway so you can get there wherever you may be in the UK!


Rushton Hall Hotel
With a two AA rosette restaurant, a Great Hall with amazing afternoon tea facilities and a swimming pool, you really would be hard pushed not to relax at the historic Rushton Hall Hotel. From the 15th century, this country house is both prestigious and elegant. Sure to please any visitors, it’s simply crammed with interesting little details!

Waterton Park Hotel
A Georgian era building, the 18th century Waterton Park Hotel is most attractive and interesting for its strange placement. Located on a small island in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, not many other hotels are able to boast about having their own personal lake! With really great things to do throughout (including a sauna), don’t skip on visiting this one.


Dalston Hall Hotel
Within Cumbria’s Carlisle sits an absolutely breathtaking 15th century castle which is currently listed as Grade II. As a result, fans of history will be delighted by the treats they find all over its ground, which are spattered by endearing woodland and gardens. There’s also a surrounding golf course which should be visited by any fan!

Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel
This Lancashire property is utterly lavish, and should be considering its 14th century origin! It’s a really huge hotel, as it sports 175 rooms! One thing that the hotel is well known for is how well it brings together the design of its roots with more modern sensibilities and approaches to decoration.


Great Fosters
Probably one of the most distinguished hotels on this list, it is a Grade I listed building that comes all the way from the 16th century. To be found in Surrey, its massive fifty acre estate can please anyone with any level of historical interest. It’s well known for its excellent food and service too, so it would be great to visit and really soak in.

The Royal Hop Pole
Hiding within Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, the Royal Hop Pole is made up of a few different historic buildings that can be rooted back to both the 15th and 18th century. One thing that really sticks out about this place is its medieval hall and genuine paintings from the time! Don’t be afraid to check out any of these hotels for a really historic break.

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