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Ten of London's Must-See and Must-Do Attractions!

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The London Eye
It’s one of the first things that come to mind when you think of London’s skyline, and has long been established as one of the best sites for tourists. You can get an amazing view of over 55 different London landmarks, and it only takes half an hour! Don’t miss out on the chance when you can.


Madame Tussauds
Fancy a picture of yourself with the Queen? How about a selfie with Shakespeare? While they may be made out of wax, all is possible at Madame Tussauds because of just how lifelike their exhibitions are. You’ll be amazed by the workmanship, and endlessly amused by coming face to face with some surprising people!

The British Museum
It’s hard not to have heard of the British Museum, but it’s worth every little bit of credit it gets. A wonderful exhibition of works from prehistoric times right up to today, there are all sorts within its walls, ranging from the Rosetta stone to a collection of Ancient Egyptian Mummies that you won’t believe!


The Tower of London
Don’t ever miss the opportunity to take a tour of the Tower of London, which can be endlessly rewarding and sure to be a lot of fun. This incredible building with 900 years of history has so much to offer it’s almost worth several trips back! It’s here you’ll be able to find the Crown Jewels. It must be an expensive job cleaning those precious items!

Tate Modern Gallery
You may wonder exactly what the building is from the outside, and that’s because it used to be a power station! Now, the Tate Modern is a national museum of art situated right on the bank of the Thames River. It even has restaurants with gorgeous viewpoints to enjoy!


Camden Market
An absolute melting pot of culture, it would be absolutely impossible to get bored in Camden or amongst its surroundings. There are all sorts of independent and commercial retailers, but beyond that the area just has an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else – completely packed with the weird and wonderful from top to bottom!

Hyde Park
As one of London’s eight royal parks, Hyde Park has made a name for itself as one of the most famous open areas in the whole world. Whether it’s a simple stroll, a bit of history or even all sorts of family activities you’re looking for it’s all to be found here! The park is also well known for putting on concerts!

Buckingham Palace
How can you visit London and not experience the very palace of Britain’s monarchy? Not only is it embellished with some of the country’s finest architecture and design, but you can feel the history right off of it! Take in the regimented activities of the Guardsmen, and enjoy a feeling that doesn’t get any more British. It’s impossible to envy the palace cleaners looking at its size!


Trafalgar Square
One of the busiest and most bustling areas of the city, why not take in all the incredible diversity that London has to offer? Peppered with all kinds of activities from cinemas to venues, restaurants and bars, you could lose yourself for a whole night and maybe more here! This is London at is most social.

Memorials, Plaques and Monuments
It would be incredibly difficult to, but can you find them all? One thing a lot of visitors like to do is skate around as much of the city as they can, finding these prestigious statues and similar. They all represent some memorable person or unforgettable event so why not simply walk the streets of London to see what magic you find?

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