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Stuck in the Office for the Summer? Here Are Some Ways to Celebrate Summer Anyway

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celebrate summer in the office

Summer is the season of the sun and the time which you should spend either out, diving in pools, or in night-time outings with friends to drown out the long days with a bottle of cold lager or inside, planning a vacation or a trip to a cooler place while hiding from the scorching sunrays. This, however, is not very possible if you have already burned your leave days and have no opportunity to leave the office. And, as you can imagine quite clearly, pushing papers or cleaning the dull office does not exactly constitute a fun summertime activity. But this does not mean you cannot celebrate the summer and make it so that the summer mood is still with you. And here is how to do it.

• Ice Cream!
Summer’s favourite meal, the ice cream, can be the key to a very sweet day to remove all the salt from your labour’s toll on you. A cup, cone, stick, or even a bowl of ice cream can be incredibly refreshing when you want to get away from your desk for a few minutes. The classic fruit, chocolate or vanilla, or maybe some of the special flavours like yoghurt, mint, rocky road, and others can bring coolness to your dull and toilsome day. And do not limit yourself to one a day – have a few ice cream breaks daily to balance between work and joy.

ice cream

• A Bowl of Fruit
A simple bowl of summer fruit can bring some colour to your desk. Forget the white and blue of your paper and ink; bring in a bowl and fill it up with all the exotic fruits you can think of. Have oranges, peaches, pineapples, cherries, and grapes just a hand’s reach away and fill your summertime work with the sweetness of fresh fruit. Even if you are not in the mood to eat it, the smell itself can bring you the freshness your office or cubicle needs.

bowl of fruit

• Summer Cards for Your Desk
If you are indeed planning a vacation, but you are waiting on it, you can use cards or photos from the place you are planning to visit to give you the inspiration to get through the day. Thinking of the deep blue sea or the fresh mountain air as you push the papers can give you the boost in the vigour you so desperately needed. Just avoid daydreaming because mistakes at work can be costly.

summer cards

• Lunchtime Picnics
Prepare food you would take on a picnic for lunch and eat it at the local park. Escape the office for the time period your lunch break allows and make use of it to the fullest, having a nice, peace and quiet meal in the park. Or, if you are not a fan of the too much quiet, invite a co-worker to share the picnic with, or plan a whole picnic gathering with a few of your co-workers. A big break outside the office spent on socializing and no work can do wonders for the mood and productivity, and all done in a way to commemorate the summer season.

lunchtime picnics

• Enter the Music
Music can do wonders for the mood, and the typical summertime dance music can do even more. Pushing papers can actually be done while having fun and bringing some rhythm to your life. Let The Beach Boys, Eddie Cochran, The Motels, and others bring the music to your work life and save you from the oppressive boredom and office monotony.


As you can see, just because you are stuck in your office, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun and celebrate the summer season. Make known to the office what time of the year it is and bring some joy to your work life with these simple ways of celebrating the season. 

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