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Steering Away from the Pretenders of Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet and rug cleaning is a serious industry that does everything it can to help their customers achieve a cleaner home. However, there are many scams and dishonest workmen out there who will do what they can to charge you extortionate prices for shoddy work. Follow this guide to more easily avoid the pitfalls in choosing the right cleaning company and you’ll soon see that it’s easy when you know how! Then you’ll be left with a selection of the best services, and the finest carpets in your neighbourhood at the end of it!


Carpet cleaners who have to canvass are never good enough for your time. Canvassing is the act of going door-to-door advertising and selling services. If a so-called professional knocks on your door and outlines the sanitation work he or she can do for you, politely refuse. Any reputable business will not bother you at your home in this way, so make sure you only use companies you have seen advertised in appropriate places or that you have chosen yourself. You should be just as weary of spam emails from such disreputable companies, and simply delete them or set up a filter that will prevent receiving them.


Similarly, you should not be receiving phone calls from cleaners unless you have made a booking with them, or they are collecting research on a recently completed job. Also, never let a second-rate professional scam you with a mere surface clean. This is when only the surface of your rugs or carpets have been attended to, neglecting the deeper clean that they often truly require. You will see the results of this within a couple of days of work, and you should always call back the relevant company and demand both a refund and another go at the work. Stay safe in your carpet’s sanitation.


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