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Reorganize Your Closet: Mission Autumn

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With the change of every season, you should be prepared for a bit of thorough home cleaning. But along with this comes the responsibility of clearing up all your drawers, wardrobes and closets, and making them up to date with the new season. After all, if you don’t, then you will have to go through all the summer clothes just to get out a shirt, and think about how much of a bother is that. So when you are done with all the chores and the carpet cleaning session in the bedroom, time to face the dreaded closet and put some new season order there.

• Take It All Out
Yes, you need to empty the whole closet. Every single piece of clothing you have there should be taken out – you cannot reorganise anything if you don’t have a clean start and what start is cleaner than an empty closet? Take out the clothes on the floor, or on the bed, and then you can start organising.

empty closet

• Categorise
The best way to find a place for something is if you know where to put it. You will need a few heaps in which the clothing articles to be divided into. First, you need the heap for clothes you no longer want or need. Not for autumn or summer – at all. And don’t fool yourself; there are always a few at the very least. De-cluttering the closet is always something you should be doing, especially if you are the shopper type who likes bringing in new things every time you go out. You can sell, donate, or give away the old clothes, or even repurpose them as something (you can always use T-shirt rags for window and oven cleaning). Second, make a heap from the summer clothes. Swimsuits, bikinis, light clothes that don’t go well with wind, those you will not need for another eight or nine months, so you should take them out and put them somewhere else so that they don’t get in your way during these nine months. Be ruthless and put them aside despite some of them being your favourite daywear.


• Clean the closet
Of course, before you put anything back in, you should endeavour in a bit of closet cleaning. A good scrubbing for the sides and surfaces of the closet will remove all the dust that has been gathering during the months since your last reorganisation. You don’t want your new order to be one swimming in dust, do you?

home cleaning

• Organise
You know what comes next. This is actually the harder part, the one that includes plenty of folding and placing back. You should be systematic and remember what you place where – people usually forget and this leads to rummaging through the closet for clothing you can’t remember where you placed, at least for the first few weeks, but it does lead to some chaos in the closet and another rearranging so fix the havoc you wrought. For the best results, put the clothes you rarely use in the back end of the closet, and those you use more frequently – in the front. This way you will be able to immediately see what you need, and rummage only if you are looking for something specific that you use on rare occasions.

reorganizing the closet

With this your closet reorganisation should go down without a hitch. You can proceed with the house cleaning and think about it no longer. And with your home clean and organised, you can enjoy the rest of the autumn. Just be careful with the wind – after all, flu season is near.

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