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Must Dos for Move Out Cleaning in Richmond

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move out cleaning
Not many people in Richmond like to clean, especially if it involves cleaning in preparation for moving out and a final inspection. With so many things to take care of during the busy time of moving, house cleaning is often the least of people’s worries. However, it’s still a vitally important aspect of any move. If you neglect cleaning before you move out, not only could you be forgoing the right to re-obtain your deposit, but the task of home cleaning will be left to your landlord. If this is the case they could employ a cleaning company to do the job, and guess who’ll be footed with the bill? You! The importance of end of lease cleaning is not to be underestimated, so keep it in mind as you begin packing and preparing for your move. These tips will do wonders for your chances of getting your deposit back, so put them into practice and get your house into tip-top shape and ready for that all important final inspection.

make a checklist
1.    Create a checklist.

Creating a checklist will enable you to methodically plan out what you hope to achieve from your domestic cleaning in Richmond, TW9. Although you may be eager to get started, don’t just plough into it without first thinking about what needs to be taken care of. Strategise and plan before you begin, tackling the hardest and most time-consuming jobs first. For example, do your dusting and any repairs that need to be done to furniture well in advance of your move. But getting your kitchen and bathroom clean can be left until late on in the process, as these rooms see a lot of traffic and will just get dirty again, meaning more work for you to carry out in the long run. So be smart in your approach to end of tenancy cleaning to save time and to get the best results.

window cleaning
2.    Clean your windows.

Start the process off by giving your windows a good clean. Clean and clear windows will let more light into your rooms in TW10, which will better enable you to spot any dirt and dust that you may have previously overlooked. Giving your windows a clean inside and out will also show your landlord that you’ve gone the extra mile to keep your house looking neat and tidy, because any dirt and smudges on your windows will be noticed during the final inspection. Make a soapy water solution and scrub onto your windows. Next, buff with some scrunched up newspaper, rinse off and immediately wipe dry. For amazing results, clean your windows on the outside too, but only if it is safe to do so.

carpet clean
3.    Vacuum clean.

Go into every room in your house in the TW9 region and give it a clean with your vacuum cleaner. Make use of the various nozzles and attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner so that you can quickly and efficiently clean different surfaces and materials. If you’re unsure about which attachment to use, read the instruction manual that came with your vacuum cleaner before you get started. Vacuum cleaners are really great and can be used to clean anything and everything from hard floors and carpets to upholstery material, sofas and even curtains!

4.    Dust your house from top to bottom.

Dust is a major problem in any household in Richmond and the process of dusting can be time consuming and tricky to get completely right. Get yourself an extendable duster to get at those hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to clean your walls, which also gather a lot of dust that tends to go unnoticed. Clean your walls by wiping them down with a soft damp microfiber cloth.

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