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Least Favourite Chores Answer Character Questions

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Dealing with household chores

One way to get to know a person is informing yourself about his or her favourite chores. You would be surprised, but you can learn a lot about somebody if you ask him or her what is the least favourite thing he or she likes to do around the house. Yes, house cleaning does not only have the power to get your home clean, but it also gives a certain amount of psychoanalysis. Does that sound strange? It will not once you get all this theory explained and you see just how many tells your character has while doing – or not doing – the simplest tasks.


Yes, you hate dusting. Everybody does. And what does that say about you? It says that you are a pragmatic. You hate wasting time on pointless things, and dusting comes very close to being pointless without actually crossing the line. Dust never goes away – it is one of those things that you get used to live around. You can be the most thorough cleaner in the world, after a few days dust will have settled again, so what was the point to that? The point is usually to take out all the dust mites before they start causing allergies and respiratory problems, but that can wait a few days, right?

Enjoying Dusting

Grout Cleaning

You know grout – the disgusting colourless stuff between your tiles. It takes a toothbrush to clean it and you know just how fast a cleaner the toothbrush is. What does not liking to clean grout say about your character? You like the big picture. Seriously, how important is grout? Sure, it accumulates germs and bacteria that you occasionally step on, but even if you are doing regular home cleaning, the advice given about the frequency of grout cleaning is twice to three times a year. This does not sound very urgent, does it? So look at the room without the grout. Looks fine, right?

Cleaning grout

Wardrobe Organising

With the change of every season comes the most tedious time of re-organising the wardrobe or dresser so that you don’t have to rummage through all the sections before you find whatever you need. This resented activity means that you are an optimist! You hate doing it because you know in the back of your head that the hope of one more sunny day is still on the horizon. No need to replace all your comfortable T-shirts, tops and jeans for the warm and heavy clothing of autumn or winter.

Organise your wardrobe

Cleaning the Litter Box

This activity is disgusting enough by itself, but we do it for the sake of our cats. Does that mean that hating to do it means we don’t care enough about them? Of course not. It means that you are living a tiring life. You are tired, nervous, stressed out, and the last thing on your mind is taking dung out of a sandbox. Relax a bit more and Mr Stibbons’s litter box will not be a problem tomorrow.

Litter Box cleaning

Raking the Leaves

The abhorrence you might feel towards this activity can actually come from two things: you are adventurous, or you are practical. After all, you can rake the leaves today, but since autumn is not done and the wind still exists, more leaves will pile up tomorrow again. So your practical side says ‘No, wait for autumn to end and then do it for the first and last time this year.’ And meanwhile your adventurous side is screaming ‘Look at all the free time you have, stop wasting it on leaves!’

Rake the Leaves

Even the smallest likes and dislikes of your daily activities can give away hints about the bigger picture of your character. Think about what excites you and what brings you down. Stop thinking how much you hate carpet cleaning and wonder why that is instead. Build a picture of yourself so that you understand yourself better.

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