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Learn How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

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Washing windows is definitely not the hardest part of home cleaning. Come on, you have to do this barely two times a year, and that’s speaking ideally. Yet people often times stray from it and dismiss it as a tedious task the difficulty of which completely compensates for the rarity of the window cleaning event. But that is hardly the case, now is it? Sure, it can be, if you are using the ‘add dry rag to water, add wet rag to window pane and scrub wildly’ method. You can try and be a bit more professional about it – after all, they are your windows and you should want to be able to see through them every once in a while. Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy ways to wash a window, and here are some of them.

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The Old School Method
Have you ever heard of newspapers being used as window cleaners? Well, surprisingly, they are incredibly good at it. You can use a standard window cleaning agent to spray the windows and then wipe with a scrunched up newspaper page in circular motions. Be diligent about it and after a while you will be able to see the light (from the outside as well).

If you want a more green method, then you can replace the store-bought cleaning agent with a mixture of water and white vinegar to spray the panes with. Home cleaners are the best – they require almost no effort to make and they clean just as well. And don’t use baking soda! It is abrasive and if it didn’t dissolve well, it will leave scratches.

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The Standard Method
Then you have the practical use of a sponge, water, and dish liquid. Mix the latter two until they lather up, dip the sponge and start scrubbing at those panes. Don’t forget the outside part either. Use horizontal and vertical motions so that the lather does not create circular traces which are a tad harder to get rid of. If there are any scratches on the window, you can treat them up with toothpaste. After you have scrubbed enough with the sponge and foam, wash with lots and lots of water. It might be a good idea to clean the area about the window in case of splashes. After that, you can use an old T-shirt to polish the window for a complete job.

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The Professional Method
And, ultimately, you have the professional method, which is, as the name would suggest, how the real pros would do it. What you need is a microfiber cloth, dish liquid, and a squeegee. As you can guess, you can mix up water and dish soap to lather up the windows and scrub them with the microfiber cloth until the windows look like they are made of air and soap bubbles. And now is where the real magic happens. A squeegee is not only a word which is incredibly fun to say, but also an indispensable tool when it comes to window cleaning. With just a few horizontal strokes it completely washes out the lather and leaves a spotless window pane for you to enjoy. Its only flaw: the horrible squeaking sound it makes. But then again, they don’t call it a squeegee for nothing.

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Use any of these methods to make window cleaning look like a walk in the park. And this is an activity that takes at least twice a year to do. So don’t slack off when you are house cleaning and do take the squeegee to your windows every now and then. And, again, don’t forget the outside as well!

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