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How to Stay On Top of When to Clean

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There are all sorts of cleaning worries that take over our minds from day to day. But how do we know if we’re cleaning things too much, or indeed, not enough? This handy guide aims to show you exactly when it is best to get things cleaned to avoid danger or filth. Now you’ll never have to wonder again about whether you’re wasting detergent or wasting time. These categories should always be beard in mind and remembered, no matter what your cleaning regimen around the house. They’ll help you keep a tidier place:

After Every Use/Every Day
There are things you should wash or clean every day due to what they are used for or how. This can be things like your mobile phone or even tea towels. Never neglect these duties!

Fridge Cleaning

Generally, the rule with clothes is that after every two wears they’re going to need a wash. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, with underwear being top of the list needing to be washed daily. Denim, however, can last up to five wears!

Every Week
With so many examples of things you should keep on top of on a weekly basis, you may want to complete a schedule. Make sure that all your sheets, purses and handbags are attended to weekly!

Windows Cleaning

Every Fortnight/Every Month
It may seem a funny choice but it’s on this basis that you should make sure your dog or other pet has had a wash! Similarly, this applies to your pillows too which can probably get away with a couple more days than your dog…

On a Longer Term Basis
Your entire mattress and upholstery should be cleaned by professional cleaning companies at least once a year, although you may feel the benefit if you do it every six months too!

Never let anything in your house catch you unawares, and stay on top of it all today!

Mattress Cleaning

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