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How To Quickly Clean Your Hard Wood Flooring In Croydon

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Hardwood flooring can be a nightmare to take care of. Real wood is easily scratched, easily scraped and easily damaged, and if you’re using the wrong products or cleaning techniques then you could be causing serious damage to the floors in your home in Croydon! If you want some help and advice for quick hardwood floor cleaning then here are some helpful tips to get you off to the best start possible!

1)    Having the right materials in your home.
If you have hardwood floors in your home then it’s essential that you have the right equipment in your home in Croydon, CR0 to keep them in the best condition possible. You should always have soft or microfiber cloths, a cleaning product that’s suitable for use on hardwood floors and a soft and clean mop as well. You might also want to invest in a vacuum attachment that’s suitable for hardwood flooring, as many attachments can scratch the surface of the wood. Try to look for softer attachments that are available for your vacuum cleaner to get the most from your hardwood floors.

2)    Cleaning up water.
Water can seriously damage your floors, so if you want to quickly and easily take care of your floors then it’s important for you to deal with spills as soon as they happen. Water can quickly seep into the wood of your floor, which can lead to irreparable problems such as warping or rot. Don’t use too much water when cleaning spillages on your floors – a damp cloth or damp mop will do the job, as long as it’s not going to leave behind any water marks or droplets!

3)    Getting rid of dust.
Sweeping your hardwood floors is great for getting rid of dust, but it can also push dust further around, causing it to get trapped between the boards of your floor and making it appear older and more worn. Instead, opt for a strong vacuum cleaner that doesn’t use an attachment that’s likely to scratch the floor. Do some research to find out what attachments are available for your model of vacuum cleaner so that you can find the best one for use on hardwood floors. Vacuum the floor in your home in the CR0 region regularly for quick cleaning that will make the floors appear cleaner and brighter in no time at all!

4)    Choosing the right cleaning products.
Don’t use any cleaning products that aren’t suitable for hardwood flooring if that’s what you’re trying to clean! It sounds just like common sense, but using the wrong products, or products that don’t clearly state that they’re suitable for hardwood floors, can cause serious damage. Have a look online to find the best cleaning products for your type of floor so that you can always be prepared! When you’re dealing with scuff marks, dirt or even spills, use a small amount of hardwood cleaner on a soft cloth and gently blot and dab at the affected area. Use a small amount of water to help to lift the marks too, though be very careful not to use too much!

5)    Using a mop on your hardwood floors.
Although you shouldn’t use a regular mop on hardwood floors, you can still give your floors in Croydon a thorough clean with the help of a microfiber cloth mop. If you don’t already have one then it’s worth investing, as these will help to control the flow of water and won’t accidentally scratch the surface of the wood. Mops are great for speedy cleans, so make sure you always have one to hand for life’s little emergencies!

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