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How to Make Light Fixtures and Chandeliers Sparkle

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a guide to cleaning chandeliers

When was the last time you got a roomful of light when you turned the light switch on? You have a shiny chandelier that usually shines like a small sun in the room, with glass and crystals and everything, but lately when you turn it on, the light is all contorted or specky. What is up with that? Well, it might be that you haven’t done any cleaning at all. All work and no maintenance make chandeliers give out a dull light. So you better axe the dust and dirt that gathers on your otherwise beautiful chandelier or light fixtures before they start throwing shade instead of light. There is a variety of ways in which you can do that, and to find out what some of them are, you have come to the right place.

•    Take care of the cobwebs and dust.

removing cobwebs and dust

The first step to properly cleaning the chandelier would be to clear out all the dust off it. Dust is annoying as it sticks to the hot light bulbs and the chandelier parts, and at a certain point becomes almost a permanent part of its surface as its cleaning becomes incredibly hard. So you would do good if you dusted the chandelier on a regular basis. Get a good feather duster or better yet one of the new microfiber dusters and clear out the cobwebs and dust that assaults your lamps every single day. Get a duster with a long handle, or get a chair while dusting, but you need to be careful – dust gently, especially if you have a chandelier made of many parts. Those are very gentle and can come apart with too much force, so you have to exercise your gentlest touch while still pressing hard enough to get rid of the dust and cobwebs.

•    Take care of the separate parts.

clean the separate parts

When more than just dusting is needed, the ceiling cleaning will truly become a chore. You will need to take down the chandelier and then take it apart and clean each of its parts separately. But then again, taking it down and apart is the hardest part of this job. Cleaning it can be quite easy as all you are required to do is use a damp microfiber cloth. You could do this without taking it down, but you have to be extremely careful – you could push a part of the chandelier down, you could rip a cord off the fixture if you spin it inadvertently, or you could expose or touch a wire and get a nasty dose of shock (after all, you are dealing with an electrical system). So if you will take the easier way (if you call it that), be extremely careful while wiping the dirt off.

•    Cleaning the light bulbs.

clean the light bulbs

You might be curious about why bother cleaning something that will eventually burn away and you can just replace it with a clean one. Well, for the same reason why you are cleaning the fixture around it – to emit the most amount of light it could. Smudges on the lamp will create shade annoying spots that will look awful in the room, and too much dust gathered over it can very well shorten its longevity. So at the very least dust it every once in a while and keep it in shape for as much as you can.

At the end of the day, taking care of your lamps is not as tedious as home cleaning, but it still needs to be done on a regular basis, so don’t slouch off on that duty. Make sure you provide a good effort into the lighting of the home as well as keeping the home clean.

keep your home clean

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