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Get Rid of Those Hard Water Stains in Your Bathroom

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cleaning hard water stains

And so your perfect bathroom is ruined. And not because of an accident, or because you made some kind of mess while doing hand laundry or cleaned mud or stains or anything else from some piece of clothing or a sheet. No, it is because of the water. Yes, if you own a bathroom and you have endeavoured in cleaning it every once in a while, you know what we are talking about. Hard water stains are an absolute nightmare. They appear just because of the water and not because of any dirt or mess. Can you believe it? Water drops actually leave stains? Well, just like it happens with mirrors, so it happens with bathrooms that have a shower. So, the big question is: How do I deal with them?

Let’s get one thing straight. You do not need necessarily a professional cleaner to clean hard water stains from your bathroom. Hiring a cleaning company may turn out to be a waste of money, so you should instead focus on figuring out how to do it yourself.

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The first and best method, actually, is to react immediately. The most common reason why they appear is that after a shower you put your towel around you and leave, and then you dry the bathroom whenever you feel like it. The hard water stains are there as soon as you turn off the shower. The longer they stay, the harder they become to remove. So the best way to deal with them is to take a mop right after the shower and mop up the bathroom floor, removing the water and thus preventing the water stains. It is that simple, yes. All you have to do is endure the chill that will assault you after you stop the shower. And, whatever you do, do not leave hard water stains unattended for too long, or they become permanent.

A good way to deal with hard water stains after they have stayed for a while, is using some of the home cleaners. White vinegar, for example, is very useful. Mix it with water for a general cleaning, or use it pure and concentrated for more resilient stains. You can also use lemon juice – both lemon juice and vinegar have acidic properties which will eat through the stain and will be of great help for loosening and removing stains.

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Having the proper tools at hand is also a plus. Except for a mop, sponge, and /or microfiber cloth, you can also buy a squeegee. It is the ultimate cleaning tool for hard tile, glass, and marble surfaces, so it will help you immensely.

Commercial and store-bought cleaners made specifically for the job are usually helpful, but they are the unhealthy option. Use them only in case of emergencies and only if you can afford them. No reason to buy an expensive cleaner for a single hard water stain. Also, don’t forget to use rubber gloves and eye protection when using them – they are highly toxic and can do a lot of damage on the skin.

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One motivation you can have for cleaning the hard water stains is that they can be followed with lime scale, soap scum, and later, if not taken care of, mould and mildew. None of these words are something you want to use in your home, so take care of your bathroom before the damage starts.

Your bathroom needs maintenance just like any other room in the home. But you can’t wait for the time for home cleaning to come in order to take care of it. Deal with water as soon as you stop the shower and you will prevent the need to clean later at all. And if not, well, it’s a good thing you have this site to help with cleaning tips.

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