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Flu Season is Coming - Keep Your Home Healthy

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With the coming of flu season, you will be facing the task of keeping a healthy home in order to keep yourself healthy. Suffering and treating flu can be quite tedious and sometimes intolerable, so the best you can do is at least try and prevent it as much as you can. But how do you prevent flu, you ask? Why, keep your home clean and yourself healthy, of course. Both require some effort and both require care, so whenever you are ready to start the battle with that pesky disease, read what you need to do.


Remove All the Germs
Home cleaning is a great way to start any season, including – and sometimes especially – flu season. Going through the house and cleansing it from all bacteria will do wonders against flu prevention. Less germs means less chance of disease, so do some thorough house cleaning, get all the grease and annoying stains off the surface from your home and let cleanliness be your shield against the flu. And the exercise done during cleaning might as well save you an exercise done somewhere else in more infectious places.


Use Homemade Recipes
You could rely on homemade recipes and natural products for the home cleaning. Avoid using the chemicals in most products offered in the store – use things like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to keep the home clean of both toxins and bacteria.

cleaning products

Wash Hands Regularly
Of course you should wash your hands after everything you do. During flu season, you might as well be a distributor of the virus, so after you finish any activity, the first thing you should do before touching anything is washing the hands with antibacterial soap. If you have a hand disinfectant, carry it around with you and rub it on whenever you are about to do something.

washing hands

Wipe Surfaces Regularly
Keep antibacterial wipes around and wipe any surface you have doubts about its cleanliness. Wipe tables after eating; wipe countertops after cooking and after dish washing. Wipe your faucets and wipe your desk, keyboard, and mouse and other things you touch on a daily basis.

kitchen cleaning

Clean the Cleaning Equipment
And, of course, you need to keep the tools you use for cleaning clean as well. Be honest, how often has it ever crossed your mind that the dirty rag that you use for floor scrubbing needs a hot bath in antibacterial soap as well? Well, surprise, surprise, it does just as any surface it goes through – after all, why clean at all if you are going to rub a dirty rag all over your dirty floor? What do you think that achieves?

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Keep Yourself Healthy
And apart from the home, you should stay healthy so that you don’t bring in diseases as well. Consuming herbal teas during flu season is always a good idea, and drinking lots and lots of liquids to keep your organism hydrated and all the “internal juices” flowing. If you are not a fan of swallowing two gallons of water a day, then at least drink some juice – it also liquidates, and it adds some vitamins to protect your immune system. Same goes for fruits and vegetables – eat as many and as often as you can and stay healthy. Lemons especially work wonderfully against bacteria, and the old saying goes that garlic is a natural anti-flu medicine on its own.


Keep yourself healthy and keep the house clean and you should have no problems during this flu season. It all depends on your ability to be thorough and consistent with your cleaning.

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