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Five Easy Ways to Experience London like a Local!

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Experience London

There are many reasons why you may want to take a trip to London. Maybe you’re just taking some time away from work, or experiencing the benefits of a professional cleaning company and need to get away. Whatever it may be, London is an absolute treasure trove full of incredible things to see and amazing things to do. You may have wondered, however, how you can make a trip to the city but not take the tourist trials. This quick and simple guide will help you do London like one of its locals:

Things to Do
Too often, visitors to London are left busying up the long recommended landmarks and points of interest – leaving residents room to get to know the more relaxed haunts and things to do. One thing, for example, that the city does incredibly well is live music. You should do what you can to catch local performances, or even try out one of London’s large and impressive music festivals. Alternatively, spend some time in one of the city’s eight Royal Parks, which sport a stunning array of local flora and fauna while being a perfect activity for those who want to breathe in the area.

Visit London

So you’ve finished up all your household cleaning, or been lucky enough to have professionals help you, and you find yourself in London with a clear conscience and some spending money? You’re in the exact right place for retail excitement and with no doubt about it! Not only does this city feature some of the most exciting and accommodating High Streets, but you’re sure to come into contact with some of their many huge markets. What sticks out the most of these is Camden Market, which can enthral any visitor for days with its hidden gems!

Shop like a Londoner

Getting Out at Night
It’s natural that a lot of tourists would end up in the same places, led there by guides, recommendations or simply from the luck of placement. If you want to do London properly, you’re going to want to take the time to find the true underbelly going on. When you do, you’re probably best off sticking to the East of London. There are breathtaking trendy bars all throughout, and you’ll really feel like you’ve stumbled upon your own little secret. Don’t ignore the East London nightclubs either for those more energetic sojourns out of the house!

London's Best Pubs

Being a vibrant hub of culture that doesn’t shy away from wearing its many influences on its sleeve, you’re sure to come across food you’ll absolutely love while you’re down in the capital. Try ingratiating yourself in one of London’s impressive food trends, which can always bring something new and interesting to your meal you hadn’t considered before. Get yourself lost in the magic of pop-up restaurants and parlours, whose really modern feeling is as exciting as the great food itself. Make sure not to leave without having tried one of the Sunday lunches available, though! You surely won’t find better in the whole country!

Eat like a Londoner

Moving Around
The tube can be more than a hassle sometimes, and if you want to get away from the tourist feeling you’re not going to want to be surrounded by a load of others on all your transport! Why not rent a bike, and find yourself soaring through the streets faster than you might have thought? You could even take things at your own pace, and breathe in London at a rate you can completely manage. Avoiding public transport in this way can be an incredible help, so you’ll soon see why a lot of locals have made the switch!

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