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Fight Back Against the Effects of Smoking in Your Home

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House Freshen UpWhile a lot of people smoke and its dangerous effects are widely known, there are many things it can do to your home that you may not be aware of. Whether or not you’re offended by the smoke, wish to protect the safety of other inhabitants or simply maintain the cleanliness of your home, there are a lot of things you can do to make it feel like a cigarette has never been lit within your walls. Take these few steps and you’ll be on the way to a cleaner home in no time.

This is step one in getting smoke out of your home, and can be really helpful in moving it out of areas where you don’t want it. Perhaps you should consider a fan, or a more intense air conditioning system depending on the level of your habit. While many think having the window open will suffice, it often doesn’t as air temperature traps the stale air in your rooms. This can all be circumvented by taking a little care to select the right ventilation choices. Perhaps try speaking to a cleaning company about their supplies, options and availability.

Cleaning House

Air Fresheners and Other Supplies
Your home no longer has to feel like an ashtray if you get the right products and supplies. While many air fresheners will do the trick temporarily, try searching for specific anti-tobacco brands that work like a dream to help you eliminate smells throughout your home and on such items as upholstery. Always make sure you read their instructions to the letter, and do what you can to purchase the most environmentally friendly brand. There’s no reason why freshening up your home should have a negative effect on the planet! Take some time to carefully select, and you’ll be well on your way.

Empty and Clean Ashtrays
All too often in smokers’ homes, ashtrays are left full to the brim without any attention given to them. Ashtrays account for a huge amount of the stray smell of cigarettes in a home, and staying on top of them with a little bit of maintenance can work miracles in the free feeling of your home. Whenever you’re around your place cleaning, take the time to give your ashtrays a rinse and get them emptied. It only takes seconds and you’ll be breathing in the effects for days.

Cleaning Houses

Home Carpet Cleaning
There are things you can do to get into your carpets and rugs to help them stop smelling of smoke or feeling the effects of cigarettes. These are great routes if you’re only an occasional smoker, or it’s not as prevalent in your house as others. Try using baking soda on your carpets, and allowing it to work its magic for around 12 hours. Once that’s done, you can simply vacuum up the soda and you should be left with drastically cleaner and better carpets. Although this may not work so well for carpets or upholstery with heavy saturation, there are choices there too.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
The experts really know what they’re doing, and they should always be brought in when things have gone a little further than you (or your baking soda!) can deal with. They’ll talk with you about how to go about things on a schedule that fits perfectly around you, and then set about using the finest supplies within the industry to get your property feeling brand new again in a matter of minutes and hours. Don’t let your things sit stagnant and smelly, and get someone in today to help. Either way, no matter what your level of smoking, you should always do what you can to combat smell and hazard.

Freshen Up Your House

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