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Discover Your Perfect London Neighbourhood

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There’s something for everyone in London, but if you don’t get settled properly and in the right place then you may end up having a really difficult time. If you look into things before you decide to fully make a move, however, you’re sure to find somewhere that fits your personality perfectly. No matter what your profession or your interests, the capital city is definitely the place to be. It’s just a matter of honing in on the right place for you and you’ll soon be going with a whole new life you never even knew was possible!

Safety in London
One thing a lot of people look for when settling down in a neighbourhood is safety. You need to know that where you’ll be calling your home will be secure. Far and away the best place in London for this is Richmond upon Thames, which lies within South West London. It has the lowest crime rate across the entire city, and comes equipped with some of the prettiest surroundings possible. Other notable areas of safety include Bromley, Kingston upon Thames, Bexley and Sutton. You’ll be able to really put your mind at rest living in these places!


Most Gorgeous London Neighbourhoods
If having cleaner and more attractive surroundings is what interests you most, there are places all over London to please you – although they may come with a little more of a price tag! Top of the list is Primrose Hill, which offers up amazing views backed up by incredible architecture. The Regent’s Canal offers amazing walks that make it all the more obvious why celebs like Tim Burton and John Cleese have made their home here. Also make sure to check in on Hampstead, Holland Park and Greenwich for more picture perfect views.


Neighbourhoods that Stay on the Pulse
If you’re looking for somewhere truly cool, then there’s an abundance of great hubs to choose from across London. Peckham is packed with the creative, from photographers and graphic designers to musicians and more. The community feel is completely one of a kind here, and you’ll love the rooftop bars that pepper the buildings. It doesn’t just rely on the day-to-day business of its independent clubs either, as it also houses many different food markets and a well-regarded annual film festival! Hoxton, Camden and Dalston all also stick out as particularly modern districts!


Great Places for Students
Most of East London is known for its welcoming attitude to young professionals moving to the city, as it saw an ever-increasing influx of graduates and students due to increasing prices in the West. Not only is it far less expensive, but areas like the aforementioned Dalston and Shoreditch are hives of activity that no young person living in the capital is going to miss out on. From the most modern pubs, clubs and eateries to all the most established retail outlets, they’re to be found all over areas like that as well as other notable neighbourhoods like Maida Vale. They all come equipped with great amenities like local cleaning companies who will help you keep a clean home throughout your studies cheaply!


Weird, Wonderful and Unique Places
All over London there are places that are just simply one of a kind, and can’t be beaten in their unique atmosphere and feeling. The chief among these, of course, is Camden. Too colourful for words and brimming over the edge with culture and intrigue, if you’re interested in things being a little subversive and not afraid to express itself then this is the area for you. Don’t waste another moment getting yourself down there and into their enthralling markets, stalls and cultural eateries that can be found throughout the entire local area!

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