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Creative Storage Solutions to Assist With Cleaning

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There’s nothing worse than trying to keep your house clean, and simply having more stuff than you have space to put it. Storage units can be expensive and consume space in your house. But there are simple and creative ways to solve many of your storage problems and make house cleaning easier, many of which you already have lying around.

-    Pull out drawers
When you throw away a chest of drawers, it is normally because you’re changing your decoration, or because of damage to the unit or one or more drawers. The unbroken drawers, however, can still be useful to you. Tuck them into the space under your staircase for a perfect place to store towels, sheets or cleaning supplies.

-    Ceiling storage
There’s space in your cupboards you didn’t know about. Attaching string across the ceiling of your cupboards creates a perfect storage place for wrapping paper, unwanted or unused posters and a variety of other things you don’t know what to do with.

Cleaning Solutions

-    Framing doorways
A more expensive solution, but one that can solve a huge amount of storage issues. Building shelves that surround your doorways for your books can take advantage of unused space and clear up other shelving units for extra storage. The doorway can even act as extra framework.

-    Multipurpose furniture
Don’t assume that furniture can only be used for one purpose. Beds and benches with storage space beneath them can help with many of your storage issues without losing any space of comfort (discarded pull out drawers can help you make multipurpose furniture yourself).

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-    Magnets
When it comes to DIY storage solutions, magnets can be the most useful tool. It does not take much work to create a magnetic surface; you normally have some that you haven’t thought of. Attach simple magnets to spices and other kitchen necessities, and they will always be stored in plain view and easy to access without taking up any of your precious space.

-    Lids
Jar lids attached to the underside of cupboards and cabinets are a great help with storage space for the little things, hairbands, staple refills and other stationary, jewellery, the possibilities are only as limited as your creativity.

-    Wheels
Do you have a wire cabinet or a chest that you do not use? Or that is limited by being stuck in one room when half the stuff or cleaning supplies you want to put in it is needed in another room? Attach wheels to it for a rolling storage cabinet, perfect for taking away the need to carry heavy things from room to room.

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-    Boxes
Many boxes can be useful, even the smallest. Empty cardboard containers for cling film, sandwich bags etc. can be stuck to the inside of cupboards to make extra storage space for those things that don’t quite fit.

-    Picture frames
They’re not just for pictures, if you have a love for sewing and need somewhere to store your thread, twine, rope and wool, place them in a picture frame using wooden sticks or string. Not only a helpful storage solutions, also a charming design idea.

-    Homemade dividers
Bored of half the things in your drawer being too small for your drawer and disappearing to the back? A few thin pieces of wood from your local DIY store can turn into the perfect dividers for your drawers, so everything can have its place.

Your home cleaning shouldn’t be interrupted by clutter that can’t be resolved. Using these storage solutions will clear space in your house, and make your cleaning a much easier and more enjoyable experience, as well as adding some quirky decoration to your house.

Cleaning Services

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