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Creating a Healthy Bedroom Haven

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Waking up and feeling tired is not the way to go. Every good night sleep should be enough to energise you and ready you for the coming challenges of the day. If that is not the case, maybe it is time to look into what possible reasons there might be for this.

Ensuring that conditions in your bedroom are ideal is a good starting point. Often we think our bedrooms are the best place to catch some rest, but the truth is this is not the case. At least not until you make an effort to transform the environment inside into a healthy paradise. Aside from some home cleaning suggestions you must definitely keep in mind, there are also some useful tips that can help you on your mission to ridding your bedroom of all health inhibitors.

- Clean and change your mattress - it doesn’t really matter how well-protected against allergens you think you mattress is, the truth is that you spend a third of the day on it, which leads to accumulation of grime, bacteria, dust mites and skin flakes. Just like the rest of your home, your mattress should be introduced to some cleaning service. Acquire some protective cover to make it impermeable to small particles. One thing you should also consider is that replacing the mattress every 5 or so years will guarantee that you don’t lose quality of sleep due to sags and wear to foam.

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- Clean and change your pillow - much like a mattress, the pillow you sleep on year after year may lose its shape and support. You need to replace it, if you notice it doesn’t spring back to its original shape after folding. Never forget that pillows accumulate bacteria, dust mites and even mould spores, which can have a negative impact on your health. Change your pillow once a year, if it is not washable, and get an anti-allergy cover.


- Ventilate the room often - the quality of indoor air is especially important for your wellbeing. For this reason you must ventilate your home when you have the chance. Open the bedroom windows when weather allows it. This can help cleanse dander, pollen, dust, as well as fumes and chemicals from various cleaning products and toiletries. The buildup of such can be so big to make the quality of indoor air twice as bad as the air outdoors. Consider this when you are doing your home cleaning run next time and open wide your windows.

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- Keep your pets out - Mr. Snuggles and Ms. Fluffyfeet may be playful enough for you to consider keeping them in your bedroom at night, but that is not a wise decision. The main reason for this is that pet fur is home to all kinds of allergens like dust, pollen, dander and a wide range of bacteria. Additionally, pets may actually interrupt your sleep, which makes giving them their own beds the best decision. Not only will you have an easier time with cleaning, but also get them used to having their own place, much like every family member should.

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-  Pay attention to your houseplants - houseplants are of vital importance for purifying the air indoors. But you can reap the positive benefits of their presence only if you take proper care of them. The main thing to look out for is overwatering. Thanks to it, the soil may become home to mould spores, which can make people susceptible to airborne allergies and asthma prone to allergic reactions.

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- Choose your cleaning products wisely - undoubtedly you know the importance of home cleaning and that you must be regular at it. But that doesn’t mean you should use strong chemicals in the process. Instead, you can successfully utilise the power of eco-friendly cleaners, which are harmless and can get the job done. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice can be used in various recipes to create effective solutions for home cleaning.

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Follow these simple tips for maintaining the environment in your room perfect for your rest. You may even notice an immediate change and relief in your allergies and respiratory conditions. Remember, there is nothing more important than getting a good night rest and these 6 tips can assure that.

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