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Cleaning Your Kitchen Cupboards Without Breaking Your Back

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Cleaning Kitcheb Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets can be one of the most difficult parts of your house to clean. Between grease and various other unpleasant stains that find their way onto your cupboard doors and into unseen corners, to food that we all forget about that causes unwanted marks and odours, kitchen cupboards can be a hive of unpleasantness.

Here are a few simple techniques that can take the stress out of everyone’s least favourite part of kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning grease
There is no stopping the build-up of cooking grease on your cupboards, we all spill things when we cook and it’s too easy to forget to clean the cupboards immediately when we’re distracted by creating culinary masterpieces.
There are a variety of good cleaners that can be purchased that will cut through grease, citrus based cleaners are very effective, as are oil based soaps. A bit of elbow grease will see these products take the grease straight away, glass and window cleaners are also very useful.
If you are a fan of homemade remedies, then a combination of white vinegar and baking soda is the way to go, used with a microfibre cloth or sponge, this is a cost-effective and excellent solution to the problem of grease on kitchen cupboards.

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Wooden cupboards
Most of us have wooden cupboards, there are a few tricks that can help clean these.
Again there are many products on the market that are specially designed for cleaning wood, but you may find many of these leave an unwanted sticky residue on your cupboards. It is worth trying a few products if this is your chosen route.
All-Purpose sprays are a useful tool, and this is no different when it comes to cleaning wooden cabinets, just spray on, leave for a few minutes, and then scrub. The only downside to using an all-purpose cleaner is that, although you may find a cleaner finish than specialised wood cleaners, it will take a lot more effort and elbow grease from you.

Oil-based soaps are your best bet for this job. They will not take the effort of the other products listed, the marks and stains can be removed from your cupboards with relative ease, leaving a gorgeous, silky finish on your cupboards. As with all products, oil-based soaps have differing levels of quality so it may take a while to find the right one for you.

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The homemade option
When it comes to oil and grease stains and the other substances that are likely to build up on your cupboards, there is an unlikely solution, fight oil with oil. A combination of oil and baking soda is arguably the most effective cure for tackling those hard to remove stains on your cupboards.

Hard to reach areas
When it comes to the inside of your cupboards, one of the biggest problems you will face is how to reach those seemingly unreachable corners where grime and dirt has formed and shows no sign of letting up.
Again the combination of oil and baking soda (or white vinegar and baking soda) is the best solution, but what of cleaning tools?
It is time to bring out the worst kept secret of cleaners the world over, the discarded toothbrush. A toothbrush can easily find its way into those corners that nothing else can reach, and although it will take a certain level of effort from your side to remove the stains using a toothbrush, the result will be more than worth it for you.

Trying these handy tips will mean that never again do you have to fear the cupboards, they will just become another easily resolved part of your weekly kitchen clean.

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