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Clean These 10 Household Items in Just 1 Minute

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It seems like the tedious and never-ending cleaning chores are taking most of our free time. We usually try to finish fast with the big tasks and forget about the small details. That is why your place might still feel somewhat messy even if you are just finished with the house cleaning. Luckily, you can fix this quickly and effortlessly! Tackling all the little bits and bobs will only take 10 minutes. Now, you have no excuses for not cleaning these 10 household items.

1. TV Remote Control
We are all guilty of having a snack, while surfing though the channels. It’s hard to leave the old habit behind, but cleaning the remote control is pretty easy.  Mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol, damp a clean cloth in the solution and rub the stained surface. Get to the tiniest parts between the buttons by using a Q-tip. 

remote control

2. Cell Phone
Because we use them constantly, cell phones pick up germs all the time. These devices are usually at close proximity to your face and mouth, transmitting diseases and bacteria. Even acne problems may be caused by your dirty phone. Eliminate the risk, by sanitizing it as often as possible. Before cleaning the phone, turn it off and let it cool. Use a straight alcohol and a slightly moist cloth for the casing. Polish the screen with a microfiber cloth, without using any cleaner.

cell phone

3. Kitchen Sponge
The damp kitchen sponge is the ideal place for bacteria evolvement. Prevent the spreading of germs by putting it in a microwave. The high temperatures will kill the bacteria. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution. You should replace your kitchen sponge regularly.

kitchen sponge

4. Kitchen Towel
Just like the sponge, your kitchen towel can also turn into a germ colony. Not to mention how unpleasant is to wipe your hands on a greasy towel. Once in a while throw the towel in the washing. Ensure that you have two or three spare ones, so you can rotate them.

kitchen towels

5. Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans tend to collect a lot of dust that gets dispersed in the room when the device is switched on. As a result the indoor air pollution increases, triggering allergies and respiratory problems. Spare yourself the hassle by sliding an old pillowcase over each blade. In this way you will trap the dust while wiping them clean.

ceiling fan

6. Pillow
You spend most of your time in bed with your pillow. Keep it fresh by occasionally tossing it out in the sun or putting it in a hot dryer. This will also kill the dust mites that are hiding in the fabrics of your pillow.


7. Silverware Organizer
The tiny trays of the silverware organizer in your kitchen drawer accumulate gunk like nothing else. You want the place where you keep your cutlery to be clean. After all you are eating with those items.  All you need to do is to wash it with soap and water and you are good to go.

silverware organizer

8. Makeup Brushes
If you want to avoid a dreadful face outbreak, pop in your brushes in a cup of soapy water. Then rinse and air dry your beauty tools.

makeup brushes

9. Showerhead
There is nothing easier than cleaning your showerhead. Simply soak it in a plastic bag full of white vinegar and leave it overnight. The solution will dissolve the mineral deposits and your shower will be back on track.


10. Lint Trap
Make your dryer more efficient by taking a minute to clear out the lint trap. Your clothes will dry faster, and you’ll be saving energy.

lint trap

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