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Applications That Will Help Your Cleaning Stay Up to Date

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Cleaning Applications

If you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your household cleaning, there’s a lot you can do to bring your processes into the modern era. In today’s society of the internet, smart phones and social media, some really forward thinking people have found ways to incorporate cleaning concerns into easy to use applications that you can access right from your phone or tablet. Get ready for a revolution in your household sanitation, and you’ll soon see the results go completely through the roof. Take a look at these great examples:

Green Shine
This is right at the top of the list as not only does it help you out with what tasks you can actually do around the home, but it also gives you guidance and advice on how to carry them out in an eco-friendly way without a single bit of damage to the environment. This is important to a lot of us today, and we’ve all become a lot more aware of the things we can do, so this app is a really great choice for those with a green outlook. While coming at a small price, nothing’s too expensive for the wellbeing of our planet.

Top Cleaning Applications

Unfilth Your Habitat
This is really a hidden treasure that can be particularly great in helping younger people to get onto the cleaning ladder. Featuring things like achievements and challenges that are designed to mimic video games, it soon makes your chores fun and helps time pass by like you wouldn’t imagine. Unfilth Your Habitat can turn your jobs into games, and you’ll soon get addicted to the motivation it offers you throughout your day. A totally invaluable application for modern sanitation, you’re surely not going to want to miss out on this one.

Beep and Boop
While being the first free app on this list, it’s by no means the worst or least helpful. Beep and Boop is a far simpler app that helps you to keep yourself and the people in your house motivated. Featuring leader board style setups that give rewards based on the amount of work done, there’s no denying how effective this application can be in keeping a full household running. With a lot of people around, it can be hard to keep on track with everyone’s responsibilities, so use this to help. It’s a really fantastic choice for students.

Top Cleaning Applications

Also a free application, BrightNest is still a really helpful choice to help you get on top of things without it feeling like too much hard work. You can feed into it not only your daily routine, but also the layout of your house. With this information, it can help project approaches for you and give you advice and timings on what you should do and when. This is a great choice for personalised service, and will never give you erroneous tasks for things you don’t even use. You’ll soon see just how indispensable an app like this can be.

iReward Chart
This one is fantastic for incentive, and as a result works similar to Beep and Boop but with a much more ordered interface. Where Beep and Boop relies on simplicity, iReward Chart is a reliable go-to chart for the amount of work being done in the home and by whom exactly. Once a certain amount of “stars” have been allocated to an inhabitant, they can then go on to cash them in for prizes or rewards!
If you’re struggling with your cleaning, the only thing that can help besides professional cleaning companies is staying on top of technological changes.

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