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A Young Man's House Cleaning Lessons

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young man cleaning

You should get educated in the art of home cleaning as soon as possible so that one day, when you have a house or a flat of your own you don’t drown in dust, waiting for mum to come over and do it for you. Admit it; you have thought of doing that, we all have. Sadly, reality doesn’t work like that. You have to work for everything, including the cleanliness of your home, and you need to learn how to do it by yourself. And no cleaning companies! That’s cheating. When you get busy enough to not do the house cleaning because of work, then you can call a professional cleaner. Until then, here are some cleaning skills to be acquired while growing up.

• Vacuuming
Get used to using the vacuum cleaner. It will be your best friend as it will save you most of the other cleaning jobs. If you vacuum often enough – say, daily, or every two days – you will have a mostly dust and dirt-free home. You might also want a crash course in emptying and / or changing the bag. This should be the young man’s easiest lesson, as he simply needs to learn how to push a long pole back and forth.


• Dish Washing
Did you think those dishes magically clean themselves? No, it is done by standing in front of the kitchen sink and working for it. You can avoid that all you want, but at a certain point you will be standing in a sink full of dirty dishes and you will have to take action before the germs start spreading.


• Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning
The third main and most important task that a young man should learn. And not only because of the reek. If you let the toilet grow dirty and keep neglecting it, the smell will be your smallest problem. Did you know that the toilet is one of the dirtiest places in the home? Because of all the moisture that accumulates there, turning it into a hot and humid place, it becomes a very welcoming zone for all sorts of germs. The young man needs to learn how to clean the floor, the faucet, the shower, the bathtub, the toilet bowl, and the sink and stands, and how to ventilate the bathroom so that less moisture remains after using it.

bathroom cleaning

• Window Cleaning
This is too simple. You take the spray window cleaner, spray on the window, scrub with a newspaper or a microfiber cloth. Done.

window cleaning

• Laundry
That washing machine is not just a decoration that bounces wildly every once in a while, getting in the way of you enjoying your favourite show. This is what keeps your clothes clean and the sooner you learn how to use it, the better. Line drying lessons come separately.


• Taking Out the Trash
The recycle bins are not magical bags of holding, and they will not take all of your rubbish. You need to work to have free rubbish bins – mostly by throwing them out. When the bin fills up, don’t see how big of a heap you can make before it starts spilling – take it out.


• Stain Removal
This might be a lesson for a later age, but you should learn the intricacies of carpet cleaning and oven cleaning to see how you can remove even the toughest stains. Yes, you will have to know how – especially once drinking age comes.

stain removal

And after learning all this, you should be able to adequately face any type of dirt-related problem you come across in your own flat or house, when you acquire one. Of course, now it means actually putting them to good use, so hopefully you had enough practice, because there is no more mum watching over your shoulder – you have to take care of yourself.

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