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8 Things in Your Home You Should Toss by the End of Summer

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Autumn is right around the corner and you are enjoying your last days of summer. Well, how about you greet autumn with a fresh home and attitude, leaving the summer vacation mood behind along with all the summer gear? You had your break and leave, and the real new year – the work year – starts with this season. You can bid summer farewell with a simple ritual: home cleaning to cleanse the holiday mood, and you can throw out a few things as well. Do not look befuddled, it is certain that you have things lying about the house which you have no use for, or that will only be sanitary if they find their way down a rubbish bin. And here are those things.

1. Running Shoes
If you are the sports type that likes exercising and have been doing it all summer, then your shoes must be in quite the sorry state. Your daily sweat has soaked so deep into them that the constant smell of workout might never leave them. Their soles are worn out from heat and miles upon miles of jogging, so no real reason to keep them.

running shoes

2. Old / Unwanted Clothes
Since you will be re-organising your wardrobe to prepare it for the new season, you can take all the clothes you have no intention of wearing and toss them or donate them.


3. The Air Conditioner Filter
After a whole season of keeping your home cool and safe from the heat, your air conditioner filter must be replaced or cleaned. It has endured so much work throughout the long summer, and soon you will be needing it to do the opposite during winter, so better keep it in condition.

air conditioner filter

4. Tupperware
If you travelled enough during the summer, then you had your fair share of carrying around plastic bottles and Tupperware. Even if you missed only a few cleaning chances, the grime and grease will stick to the plastic and might make the boxes pretty odorous.


5. Old Spices
Since you will be doing house cleaning anyway, you can go through your spice drawer or cabinet and take out all the old and stale ones that will do you no good. You should not be too bothered about throwing them out – the dry season is over and now comes the best season for buying such spices.

old spices

6. Old Appliances
Remember when you changed your microwave? Where did the old one go? That’s right – it is gathering dust in your closet because you set it aside to “deal with it later”. Later has come and it’s time for dealing with it, along with all the other things you replaced, but kept because they were in a working order and why throw them away. If you still don’t want to, that’s fine – sell them or donate them, just get them out of your house, they are extra clutter.


7. Carpets
Why shouldn’t a new season mean a new look for the rooms? Enough with the carpet cleaning and the same rugs lying about; give your place a new colour. Toss the old carpets and go get yourself new ones.


8. Old Medicine
Update your medicine chest and replace some drugs. Surely you have some which you have not used for a while and might very well be outdated. Just check with a pharmacist about how to get rid of old medicine without doing harm with the chemicals.

old medicine

Take care of these items, and even some others which you might have in mind, and update your house in waiting of the new season. Autumn is here. Greet it with a house cleaned of summer.

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