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7 Baking Soda Myths

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Baking soda myths busted

Everybody is aware of the cleaning properties of baking soda. This is the home cleaner that needs no introduction as it has already saved plenty of money to plenty of people willing to risk using it. House cleaning was never easier once this was introduced... or re-introduced, as your grandparents were long since aware of this, like they keep telling you every time you start talking about expensive cleaners. But do you know everything about baking soda? It has all sorts of properties and uses, and some of them can actually surprise you. There are even myths about baking soda which are still tested in many households as you read these lines. Here is the take on some of those myths and whether you should test them out or consider them swiftly busted:

•    Baking soda kills odours.

TRUE. This is not even a myth. When you find the source of an unpleasant smell, simply rub some baking soda, or a mixture of water and baking soda and your nose will immediately detect the change. Let’s try with something bigger.

removing odours

•    A box of baking soda in the freezer or the refrigerator absorbs all odours from the inside.

FALSE. This is a kitchen myth tested by many and none have found any success. It does kill odours if applied, but passively standing about baking soda does absolutely nothing for smells.

absorbing odours in the refrigerator

•    Baking soda whitens the teeth.

TRUE. Why yes, baking soda is abrasive and its crystals can reach deep into your teeth and do wonders for your dental hygiene. It not only whitens the teeth by killing the shadier stains, but also protects your teeth from cavities since it has some anti-bacterial effects. Just don’t use it more than once every two weeks as the abrasiveness of the soda can also damage your enamel. And don’t swallow, as too much ingested soda can be dangerous. Which leads us to the next myth:

whitening your teeth

•    Baking soda alleviates stomach pain.

TRUE. Well sort of. It helps with stomach burns and does deplete gasses. Baking soda is alkaline so its antacid properties do work on sensations of bloating, burns and flatulence. Just a teaspoon of baking soda can help quite a lot in these cases. But of course, it should not be consumed too much as it can be addictive and dangerous to the stomach. It is still recommended you use medicine for physical pains.

helping with stomach pain

•    Baking soda is a relaxing agent.

FALSE. People say that if you add baking soda to your hot bath you will feel much more relaxed. Those people are wrong. The only thing it does is lowering your water’s acidity level, so it is something.

use it as a relaxing agent

•    Baking soda treats fungal infections, mould and mildew.

FALSE. Baking soda will scratch away at your skin if you apply it and might only worsen the infection. As far as mould and mildew go, it does nothing. The soda’s abrasiveness might scrape them off, but they will still be there and will pop up again the second your attention is away.

worsen the infection

•    Baking soda keeps green vegetables green.

TRUE. But only for the colour. Blanching your vegetables will keep their colour, but it will destroy their structure, their nutrients, and whatever else helpful vitamins they hold. This is not a recommended practice unless you are only cooking for show.

keeping vegetables fresh

And there you have it. Many baking soda myths should seem much clearer now, whether pertaining to home cleaning, skin care, health, or cooking. Above all, you should remember that baking soda is a product created by a chemical reaction, so you should be careful when doing experimental uses for anything.

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