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6 Ways You're Making Home Cleaning Harder Than Absolutely Necessary

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difficult home cleaning

Have you ever stopped and wondered why house cleaning is so hard? Did the thought that you are the one making it hard for yourself cross your mind? Don’t feel special – people do it all the time. There are small things that people neglect or postpone, and later the cleaning process becomes that much harder. Many things that people don’t think about eventually become the reason for a long and arduous home cleaning that could have been easily avoided had you thought about the house’s state and how to keep it as dirt free as possible. If you needed a list of those things, here are some of them.

1. You neglect dirt prevention.
Did you know that there are much more ways to prevent dirt from accumulating in your house than actual cleaning methods? Well, how about you keep the dirty shoes outside of the house, or take them off before you step in the living room – that will surely save you some carpet cleaning time. Or you can close your windows on a windy day to prevent all the dust from entering.

no shoes policy

2. You neglect daily cleaning.
Procrastinating gets you nowhere. If you think that it is a good idea to save some time today by not vacuuming today and leave it for tomorrow, think again. The same thought will cross your mind tomorrow as well, and on the day after. And very soon you will be stuck at home for the weekend, house cleaning because there is so much dirt in the rooms. And all this could have been saved with just a few minutes of vacuuming a day.

floor cleaning

3. You neglect cleaning after using.
There actually is such a thing as a right time to clean everything. Do you know when the right time to clean the sink is? Right after you cooked or used it for dish washing. Do you know when the right time to make your bed is? Right after you get up and it is left unused and in a messy state. Do you see the connection? If you start cleaning things right after you use them, you will not have to do it a week later, when they become unusable because you kept postponing their cleaning.

clean after use

4. You don’t organise your rooms.
Do you know how much easier cleaning will be when you start organising your things? If you just leave clutter around, once the home cleaning begins you first have to deal with the clutter and then start with the actual cleaning. If you keep everything in order, the cleaning will be much smoother.

house cleaning

5. You don’t keep a strict schedule.
A schedule just might stop you from procrastinating and helping the dirt accumulate. With a schedule you will know what to do and when to do it, and you will have to follow it, otherwise that is the point, right? This way there will be no excuses for postponing the sofa cleaning for another day, when it looks dirtier.

cleaning schedule

6. You are doing it wrong.
The biggest reason why people hate to home clean is that cleaning is terribly boring. Well, how about making it less boring? The tedium that comes with house cleaning is there because you spend no time thinking about how you can make it more enjoyable. Queen already showed you how much more fun vacuuming can be with the right music, so why not do that? Or turn on a TV show or news or a sports programme and follow events as you swing away with the duster. There is a variety of ways to escape cleaning’s dullness, so just find yours.

make cleaning fun

Home cleaning can be smoother, quicker, and more enjoyable if you stop acting as an obstacle for yourself. You can always make something more fun than it actually is if you put your mind to it, so think about how you can make it easier and quicker, and less time on how and why to avoid it.

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