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6 Surprising Places to Use Bleach

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Ever since its discovery, bleach has been the go-go product for everybody who would like to keep their clothes white. Its chemical compound works wonders for white clothes and rarely leaves its users disappointed. Later its disinfectant properties were discovered and bleach then would begin to be used for sanitising kitchens and bathrooms, to keep floors and tiles clean, white, and sterile. Its antibacterial properties would grow out of the home cleaning and in many other processes and areas, like swimming pool sanitation, bleaching wood pulp, killing mildew and others. And if you think that all that bleach is good for is whitening and cleaning, then you are dead wrong. There are many things you can use bleach for that will surprise you and leave you gawking at the results. Here are six of these uses:

1. Longevity of Flowers
This might appear surprising, but a few drops of bleach into the water inside the vase where you keep your favourite plants will increase their longevity and will keep them looking fresh for much longer. Yes, it does sound like poisoning the flowers, but you can try it for yourself to see the reverse effect it has.


2. Kill Weeds
If you have a weed problem or there are weeds sticking out from between the tiles or rocks of your walkway, then bleach is your solution. Pour it over the weeds and watch them shrivel away in the next few days. It will take them quite a while before they appear, if they do appear at all.

weed control

3. Sterilising Tools
You could be a gardener, a woodcutter, a mechanic, or even a butcher. After every job, you can use bleach to properly clean and sanitise your tools so that you can be sure they stay sharp and clean for longer, and that any slips of the finger will not cost you more than just a cut. And if you are a gardener, your plants will see a longer life with the cleaner and disinfected tools you will be using.

gardening tools

4. Sterilising the Workplace
It is not just your tools that can make use of your bleach. The workplace needs to be kept clean and sterile as well, and that bottle of bleach is just what you need. Just like you would do during carpet cleaning, spray some over the workbench and wipe till the bleach is gone and the workplace – sterile.

office cleaning

5. Disinfecting the Rubbish Bin
Piling up rubbish will always leave bacteria behind even after it is dumped or taken. The bin will still contain much of the bacteria previously inhabiting the bag of rubbish. This will lead to health risks every time you open the bin or for the garbage men who come to take your waste. The solution is simple – clean with bleach. A thorough cleansing will save you an illness or two in the long run.

rubbish bin

6. Sterilising and Shining Cutlery
Just as you can clean stains, you can also disinfect and shine your plates and cups. Yes, this does sound dangerous and you are free to not do it, but you can totally dip a cup in a mixture of bleach (1 cup) and water (4-5 cups), and then proceed with regular cleaning and rinse properly. The result will be an amazingly clean and shiny glass that is also bacteria-free.

kitchen cleaning

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bleach uses as long as you keep it away from your skin and mouth. As you can see, apart from various house cleaning properties, it has uses that can surprise and help you maintain a cleaner, healthier, and shinier household.

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