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6 Invaluable Cleaning Skills to Teach to Your Kids

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Cleaning and Kids

Getting your children to help you with domestic cleaning may seem like an impossible task. You can barely even make them do their beds, let alone do the dusting and the vacuuming. It is important for children to learn to tackle household chores as these activities will eventually turn into essential life-long skills. Involving your children in the household work will not only keep your home clean and tidy, but will also teach your kids to take responsibilities and to value organization. On the other hand, they will gain more confidence when they know how the things work.

The problem is that you first need to draw their interest and then keep it. Children, especially younger ones interact with the surrounding world through playing. Think of a way to make home cleaning more interactive. Kids tend to get bored very quickly. The moment they find something more intriguing, they will forget about the domestic chores. To avoid such situation, diversify their tasks and provide them with new challenges. However, your kids should not feel discouraged. Give them jobs that are appropriate for their age. Here is a list of some chores your children can learn.

Home Cleaning

Organizing is one of the most useful skills you can teach your kids. The earlier you start the more chances you have to turn de-cluttering into a habit for them. Younger children are very curious and eager to help. Encourage your toddler to collect their toys and put them in the box. This simple task is great for developing their motor skills as well.  Organizing is a valuable skill that your children will carry forward their entire life.

Washing Dishes

Washing the Dishes
It seems like the pile of dirty dishes never ends. Why not ask your children for a little assistance? After all, they need to learn to do it eventually. Whether you teach them to do the dishes manually or use the dishwasher, properly trained kids can be a huge help around the house.  They should tackle the task under your supervision. 5-6 year olds can rinse and scrap the plates, while 7-8 year olds can also dry and put away the dishes. Older kids can wash various types of dishes or load the dishwasher.  Among other cleaning chores, doing the dishes is part of everyday life and your children need to get used to the idea.


Doing Laundry
Toddlers can learn to sort the clothes. Often they find sorting entertaining and see it as a game. Younger children can learn to put away the clothes. School-aged kids are ready to load and unload the washer and the dryer. By the age of eleven, your children should be able to take full responsibility for the laundry.

Make Your Bed

Make a Bed
Unfortunately, teaching your kids how to make a bed doesn’t mean that they will do it every time. At least they will know how to do it. Most kids enjoy having the freedom to arrange their bedding and stuffed animals the way they like it. Plus, they will feel proud of their job, so don’t forget to praise them for their efforts.

Floor Cleaning

Sweep a Floor
Sweeping the floor may seem simple– you need to drag a broom across the floor. However, your kids may have difficulties with this task and may need more practice. Be patient. With time you can let them use more advanced gadget sweepers in addition to the conventional broom.

mopping floors

Mop a Floor
This cleaning chore is appropriate for older children.  9-10 year olds can mop the floor without your supervision. Show them how to prepare the mop water, how to wring out the tool and how to approach the tough stains. Instruct them how to rinse and store the mop and the bucket and how to store them.

Teaching your children household chores will not only help preserve your home clean, but will also allow your children to acquire basic skill.

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