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5 Museums to Visit in London for Free

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London museums

London is a city of great culture in history that can all be browsed and visited by any citizen, tourist or visitor to the city. You can browse through hundreds of years of London history and landmarks, and witness amazing designs and works of art. Marvel at the greatness that London can offer you on a daily basis. And what’s best – you can do all this without spending a single penny! London gives away all its history and beauty completely free, and you should make use of it with a single visit to one of the world’s greatest cities and its amazing museum displays.

• Victoria and Albert
This is where you can behold some of England’s best art and design pieces that trace centuries of human creativity, all in a single building that contains about 150 galleries. The museum has recently focused more on renewal and restoration, enhancing its Medieval and Renaissance Galleries with a brand new refurbished look. If that does not sound appealing, then check designs for the Sistine Chapel, the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art’s floor covering, or the half a million images in the photography collection in the museum. The vastness of art and volume of culture will stun you and leave breathless even the most pretentious of aficionados.

Victoria and Albert

• British Museum
Getting away from art, and into history, the British Museum – one of the world’s oldest museums – offers millions of years of human history. Within you can witness the Rosetta Stone, the Lindow Man, the Sutton Hoo ship burial, and many, many other historical objects, including mummies from Egypt. You have different halls, displaying objects that represent different periods of English and world development. See the over 5,000 objects that represent the Enlightenment era, all stored in the former King’s Library – an amazing structure from the 1800s, where King George III stored all his book collections. Join the six million annual visitors and see why this museum is so popular.

British Museum

• Science Museum
Mixing both history and education, the Science Museum displays both the past, present, and conceivable future of technological possibilities. See the Apollo 10 command module, flight simulators, and Stephenson’s Rocket. See today’s most popular and obscure science debates, and see the progress in contemporary science. Most of the inventions of the known world can be found in this museum, along with some of the possibilities of the unknown.

Science Museum

• Natural History Museum
If you are a fan of nature, then this is the place to be in as it contains tens of millions of specimens – from flora to fauna, to even rocks, gems, and fossils. Check out dinosaur displays that would make any palaeontologist’s neck hairs stand in attention, samples of every bit of green the world has ever laid hands upon, and the brilliant collections of jewels and gems taken out from the Earth’s depths. And that is barely the beginning. Over 20 million of the specimens are just insects and plants, appropriately arranged in the Darwin Centre, taking over 15 miles of shelving.

Natural History Museum

• National Maritime Museum
Back to history, here we get Britain’s encounter with the outside world. Cartography, regalia, maritime art, and many more, see how England’s encounters shaped the culture and the country, see how history was moulded the way we know it today. This museum has plenty of interactive activities, offering kids the chance to be captains and crewmen in the ship simulator. It offers you the chance to see England’s history on see, what it entailed, and what came to be from all the British voyages. See different war items like weaponry, medals, uniforms and others.

National Maritime Museum

London has plenty to offer in the way of history and culture, and these are the places to be to witness England’s and the world’s glory, all for free, all in just a few, albeit enormous, structures that will educate and entertain you alike.

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