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3 Secrets People with Flawlessly Clean Houses Know

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If you are the type of person who slacks off when it comes to home cleaning, then there is no way you are aware of the small things that will both keep your home clean, and your time free. You wonder about people who seem to be constantly busy with home cleaning – or at least they must be, as they always have a spotless house every time you visit. And yet, they have all the time they want to do their work, clean their house, and still spend time with their friends and have time for themselves. How is that possible? Probably because of the three little secrets they know and you don’t care to think about.

1. A few minutes spent cleaning daily saves you a weekend of house cleaning.
If you vacuum regularly you won’t have to spend the weekend in thorough carpet cleaning. If you wash the dinner dishes daily you won’t have to spend hours washing your whole collection of cutlery and utensils. A few minutes of dusting a day will mean not having to remove layers upon layers of dust mites after a few weeks of neglecting your counters and shelves. All the small things you can do in your flat or house will save you a lot of work in the long run. You can be sure that if you spend five minutes of house cleaning every day will mean you don’t have to tell your friends “Sorry, guys, have to house clean today.”

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2. More clutter means more things to clean.
This is basic math. The more items you have, the more time you have to spend on a room when cleaning it. Think about that once you start making collections and adding decorations to your living room. Sure, that figurine looked wonderful on the store display, and it does feel great to have it next to the other china on your counter, but once time for spring cleaning comes, guess what you have to spend a full minute of cleaning on. Add that to all the rest of the things you bought on impulse and suddenly your day is gone for cleaning decorations, and you have not even begun with sofa cleaning. This is a lesson about clutter – think about what you need in your rooms and the rest you should consider as clutter to be removed.


3. A seemingly clean house is both seemingly clean and swiftly cleaned.
A person who regularly cleans knows when the room seems clean and when it is actually clean. Think about it, when you invite guests, do they start snooping around looking for corners you missed when cleaning to accuse you of sloppiness? No, guests sit on the sofa and talk to you, exposed only to particular parts of the room. A thorough cleaner who didn’t have time to go through every corner of the home knows exactly what to focus on in order to have the house looking immaculate. A thorough cleaner will go through upholstery cleaning, trusting that the guest will not go between it or look under the sofa or armchair. A thorough cleaner will do carpet cleaning or vacuuming, trusting that the guest will not find all his or her kid’s drawings shoved under the carpet. All the shelves and bookcases and counters will be immaculate... and you don’t have to look behind them to find the untouched bundles of dust and tumbleweeds.

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Gain more frequent home cleaning habits and you can learn all kinds of secrets about your house that will make your life much easier. You will know the little tricks and details that make housekeepers’ life that much easier, and you will barely have to spend any time for thorough flat or house cleaning because the small details already have all that covered.

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