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What Can Castile Soap Be Used For?

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castile soap

What is this amazing product called Castile soap, you ask? This is a little something that English-speaking countries inherited from the Castile region of Spain, a pure plant oil-based soap the ingredients of which are completely natural. If you have ever been afraid of all the chemicals companies pump into their commercial soaps, then this is the soap to turn to as it is completely void of all chemicals and toxins and it is completely organic. If that is not enough for you, you would be amazed at the number of uses you can find for this type of soap.

• Face washing soap
Because of the number of oils Castile soap may contain – and their purity – you can freely use it to wash your face. Its gentleness will have a great effect on your skin, it will cure wrinkles, and it will keep germs away, all the while releasing a good fragrance if you chose to use a scented soap.

washing face

• Hand /body soap
Well, duh, this is the basic use of soap, what is so surprising about that? Just as it does to the face, Castile soap will cleanse your entire skin and you can mix its liquid version with a 2:1 ratio with water to make a lather that is much easier to apply to your body than regular soap or shower gel. And if you want liquid soap, you can instead mix the Castile soap with water and fill your soap dispenser with it.

washing hands

• Shampoo
Yes, how about that? You can use this type of soap as shampoo, and it does actually work wonders for the hair. Mix it with water and apply it to your head for great effect and to add the scent you want - the variety of fragrances of Castile soap’s many oils is huge and you can choose any one you like.


• Cleaning detergent
Having troubles with your carpet cleaning? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Castile soap can be mixed with water and used to remove some of the many types of stains that can end up on your carpet. Oven cleaning is also an option – the oils provide you with organic solutions to smaller stains throughout your whole home cleaning process.

carpet cleaning

• Vegetable cleaner
You can cleanse the dirt off your vegetables. Castile soap is not poisonous and it is completely non-toxic, so it gives you an excellent way to thoroughly clean your vegetables before you add them to your salad.

cleaning vegetables

• Laundry detergent
Castile soap’s uses do not end on organic things like the human body and plants. Your clothes can benefit from its use as well as you can use the soap’s cleansing, cleaning, and refreshing properties to add a nice smell to your bundle of dirty clothes while they are being cleaned. It works just as good as standard laundry soap, but it has the added effect that it doesn’t fill your clothes with its chemicals.


• Shaving cream
Mix it with water and make it lather. Add to your face and now you have shaving foam! It is that simple, and you save yourself the price of a bottle of shaving cream. It does pretty much the same job, softening your skin for the razor, so there really is no reason why you would prefer an expensive shaving cream over the available, useful, and healthy Castile soap.


From a soap to shampoo, to shaving cream, to a house cleaning detergent, Castile soap is useful enough to get your home clean and your body cleansed. With so many uses, all you have to enquire about it is where to get it from. Check your local market and get yourself this jewel of an all-purpose cleaner.


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