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Things to Do Before Starting Your Summer Vacation

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summer vacationSummertime has come and you cannot wait to start celebrating it by departing on a fun vacation that will keep you entertained and satisfied for the rest of the hot sunny days. But that does not mean you have to leave everything behind just like that. Remember, you still have chores and responsibilities and you should not neglect them just because of your upcoming trip. In fact, you should not neglect them because of the upcoming trip. There are still things to do and things to take care of and then you will be free to go frolicking in the sunlight by the pool or at the beach. After all, after spending time having fun, the last thing you want to do is go home to a cluttered house and start cleaning.

• De-clutter
You will need some free space to rest when you come back, have no doubts about that. You do not want to come home, seeking a nice soft bed to rest on after all the partying, and have to manoeuvre around piles of clutter and eventually end up in a bedroom where the bed is filled with all the rejected options of clothes spread on it. Guess what, now you have to organise your wardrobe instead of resting. So how about you do that beforehand and spare yourself the extra effort later. Pack up, clear up the bed from all the clothes, and organise the wardrobe so that you make the unpacking later easier as well.


• Deal with the trash
Do not leave rubbish lying about the house, especially if you plan a longer vacation. You would not believe the smell that could accumulate after a while with any amount of trash. Take your bins out and either send their contents for recycling, if you separate your trash, or throw them in the big trash can for the landfill. Spare your home from all the odours it could gather after a while, and spare yourself from taking out the trash after the long trip back after a fun vacation.

waste disposal

• Clean up the house
Yes, you should dedicate some time and effort for some house cleaning. It is much better to spend time out having fun and exhausting yourself as much as you can, and then come home and have the possibility to say ‘home sweet home’ to a clean and shiny place that waits to embrace you with its cosiness and the sense of familiarity. You can slump in your sofa or armchair and exhale all the exhaustion from the vacation as you prepare yourself to get back to the usual daily routine, gathering inspiration and desire for a winter vacation or your next summer trip. Go wild with your cloth, mop, and cleaning products before the trip and leave the house clean and ready for your arrival.

house cleaning

• Get your neighbour to collect the mail
Of course, the mail will still pile up even if you are gone, and you do not want it to flood your mailbox. Thus, get your friendliest neighbour to do you a solid and get everything the mailman drops, and to keep it safe until you get back.


With that your chores should be done and you should be ready to start your summer vacation. If you still have not planned your trip, now is the time to sit down and browse through all the options. Pick your favourite resort or pool, or mountain, if you are seeking to escape the heat by out-climbing it, and book a vacation to rest and gather some energy for the remaining part of the year.

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