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The Invisible Things around Your Home That Are Worth Spending Money On

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How many things do you have in your house? Make your partner count them? And now make him / her look again. He or she probably still has not noticed even half the things you posses because most houses are littered with things nobody pays attention to, but are actually graces in disguise. There are so many things that are irreplaceable in your home and yet nobody notices them after the moment you brought them home and were accused of spending money on useless things. A few months later and you cannot live without them. The irony of it, right? So how many things have you actually spent money on that are absolutely invisible to visitors and tenants in the home, but are used on a daily basis?

• That new organiser
You came home one day with the shopping bags and took out to show off with the brand new organiser you got for the kitchen drawer. The response? “What do you need that for?” A week later, the sound of constant clinging when looking for a fork is no longer, after all the utensils have cosily settled in the new organiser. Everything has its place and is easy to find, and why is that? Because of the item nobody will pay attention to anymore.

drawer organizer

• Those new hangers
You got a bunch of new hangers and were immediately accused of making a worthless investment. A few days later, though, all your coats and suits and dresses are properly ordered in your wardrobe and look wonderful, and are easy to browse and take out. The hangers will never be mentioned again, but they did make a difference to your clothes organisation system and made your early morning dressing much easier.


• The new rack in the kitchen
You recently installed a new rack in the kitchen and the immediate feedback was a big “Why?” The only answer for that question is that it seemed handy at the time, so why not, right? And, indeed, soon after you have plenty of space in your kitchen cabinets, you no longer have to push plates and cups in corners where you fear that they might fall from, and the cooking is suddenly much easier. “Why is that?” people ask you. “No idea,” you respond as you hang the huge pot on the new rack.

kitchen rack

• All those boxes
Sometimes buying a box can seem pretty worthless. After all, you take home food storage and shoe boxes all the time and you always throw those out instead of repurposing them. But when you have a closetful of boxes and suddenly all the clutter is gone from the house without any home cleaning done whatsoever, you might stop and wonder what miracle helped you with keeping the house clean.

storage boxes

• The air fresheners around the house
Speaking of unnoticeable things around the house, who pays attention to all the small machines that brighten up the day and the mood by providing the home with fresh fragrances? The air fresheners’ existence is remembered only after buying them and after you start noticing the odours that appear after skipping house cleaning duty for a while and the fresher is all “out of juice”.

air freshener

There are plenty of other small things that you might not notice around your house, and yet they bring a lot to the cosiness you feel while at home. Whether it is the well-bought upholstery that requires less sofa cleaning, or the smart buy that was the expensive oven that requires much less oven cleaning, or the durable wooden chairs for the kitchen that you won’t have to change for years, there will always be things you and your partner will be glad you spend money on, despite the fact that you no longer notice their importance.

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