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Protect Your Carpet: How Does Scotchgard Work?

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Carpet cleaning is always easier when there is very little or nothing to clean at all. Would it not be wonderful to find comfort in the fact that all you have to do to keep your floors clean and make your house cleaning that much easier is just vacuum every once in a while? That is rarely the case as carpets are among the items in a home most susceptible to stains, what with all the stepping with shoes when coming in from the outside, or with the accidental dropping of food, or your pet having a completely different ‘accident’. But there is actually a way to protect the carpet from such harsh stains and make damaging it much harder. You only need to Google one word: scotchgard.


If you thought that stain and water repellents for carpets don’t exist, then you have been living in a dream world. Scotchgard was created way back in 1952 and has been a part of cleaning products ever since then. It is extremely useful as it covers your carpet or rug’s fibres with a protective shroud that repels water- and oil-based stains. This makes for a carpet that is protected against most stains and will help you with the cleaning and keeping the carpet looking cleaner for a longer period.


The way it works is that uses its chemicals to prevent fluids from penetrating the fibres – at least for a while. That is why swift cleaning after you spill your glass of red wine on the carpet is much easier. And it is not only for carpet and rug cleaning, scotchgard works for upholstery cleaning as well. You can keep your chairs and sofas just as protected. And, with the new scotchgard, you can keep the house healthier, too. With the improvement on the product, scientists keep finding ways to remove the toxic chemicals it consists of so that you know that you are not spraying your carpets with poison for your family. Your kids will still have plenty of fun on the carpet, but touching all those chemicals is never a good idea.


Just remember that scotchgard cannot guard your carpets forever. It repels the penetration only for a while, but if you don’t act upon a stain and let it sink in for hours and “deal with it when you have the time”, your carpets will be stained, and those stains will be just as hard to remove as it would be if you didn’t use the product at all. Scotchgard is not a magical spell that leaves your carpet immune to staining; it is simply a way to prevent the staining for a little while so that accidents don’t become inerasable. The product is not used for cleaning, so after the stain is there, don’t use it as a cleaner as you will get little to no result – the carpet pile can only be protected with it and not made to look like new again.


Scotchgard is the product to use if you want to have a nice and stain-free home, but only if you are a dedicated cleaner who will act immediately after a stain has appeared on the carpet, rug, or upholstery. It makes little sense to watch the wine seep into your couch and do the sofa cleaning after a week, right? So if you are planning on using scotchgard, know that it is useful only up until a limited amount of time, and it is used for protecting and preventing, but not for cleansing and stain removal. Carpet cleaning cannot be avoided, but it can be made much simpler.


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