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London's Best Kept Secrets

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London City Breaks

If you’re a London resident, you may be looking for things to capture you while you have some time off, or have had a cleaning company come in to see to your home. There are all sorts of things right in the city you live in that you may not have known about, so take a look at these examples of what’s hiding right underneath your nose.

The “Palace” of Westminster
The Palace of Westminster is the official title for what is commonly known as the Houses of Parliament. Under that designation is the biggest palace in the country, which adds a whole new twist to a building you may have seen time and time again! Among its facilities are six restaurants, a hair salon and even a shooting range! As another strange little fact about this fascinating building, it has also been deemed illegal to die on its premises as UK law!

London-Bank of England

Ties to the Famous
London is packed with places that have played host to various celebrities or influential people over the years. One of these is The Coach and Horses pub in Soho which has been a favourite establishment of such actors as John Hurt. Just running the pub has brought its landlord, Norman Balon, a good degree of notoriety. Aside from this excellent pub, there are loads of great places associated with interesting people across the city such as the British Museum’s reading room, in which Karl Marx penned Das Kapital.

Lost in Time
It has been said that a time capsule has been buried underneath Cleopatra’s Needle, which is to be found on the Embankment. There are apparently numerous treasures from the day within, from cigars to a portrait of the Queen and copies of several newspapers from the time!

London's oldest greatest pubs

Mysteries from the London Underground
All kinds of strange items have been left around on the Tube, and some you really wouldn’t believe. Would you expect to see a coffin or a human skull just left hanging around on the seat next to you? How about a samurai sword? London’s greatest transport achievement can sometimes bring up some very interesting mysteries! There are even several closed tube stations that are left derelict and often used as filming locations, such as Strand. In your time off from household cleaning, why not try to find a film that features one near to your home? As one last fun fact, did you know that most of the London Underground is in fact above ground?

The City’s Oldest Church
One incredible little nook of London near Tower Hill features the magnificent All Hallows by the Tower, which has an incredible history for anyone interested in that kind of thing. Why not give it a visit and be amazed by the architecture which dates all the way back to the seventh century? It’s sure to be an informative and rewarding day out. There are even areas that include second century Roman pavement!

Best Things You Must Do in London

Credit to the O2!
The O2 Arena, which was previously known as the Millennium Dome, is a more interesting building than a lot of people think. For example, not only is it the largest building of its type in the entire world, but it could easily house such gigantic structures as the Statue of Liberty or the Great Pyramid!

Dear Duke
The postal address simply stated as One, London leads directly to Apsley House, which previously acted as a domestic residence for the Duke of Wellington, and can be found on Hyde Park Corner. Why not let the pros get on with your cleaning worries while you get out there and really breathe London in?

Best Neighbourhood in London

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