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How to Thoroughly Sanitise Your Whirlpool Tub

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The Jacuzzi or the whirlpool tub is the best place to spend time after a tense week. But it is not as appealing when you see all the lime scale and soap scum that accumulates in it and first you have to deal with it only to be too tired to take a proper bath, and then just end up with a quick shower and a longing for a soft bed. Often times the problem does not only come from the bath itself, but from the jets. If left unattended to, they gather all kinds of germs and bacteria, and even dirt which they then spill back into the tub or into the pipes, becoming a plumbing problem as well. So, how do you thoroughly clean and sanitise the tub? Let’s first focus on the jets.

bathroom cleaning

• Check the manual
This should always be the first choice. Always see what the manufacturer recommends. Every self-respecting manufacturer should put maintenance tips in their instruction manual, so find it and read to see what it says.

home cleaners

• Use home cleaners
If, like a true professional, you have thrown away the instructions manual the second you opened the tub, then you can make use of some general home cleaning knowledge and do a test cleaning to see if that helps. Fill the tub with water and add 2 tablespoons of dishwasher detergent and half cup of bleach. Alternatively, you can use a full cup of white vinegar instead because of its acidic and anti-bacterial properties. Or, if you have the money and are willing to risk the health, just buy a Jacuzzi cleaner from the store. It is made specifically for jets. After that run the jets for 10 to 15 minutes, drain the tub, fill it again, this time only with water, and run the jets once more to rinse them completely. Take a microfiber cloth, or any soft and damp cloth, and gently clean the area about the jets and the jets themselves. It is also very recommended to end the cleaning routine with a product that is specifically made to target biofilm to thoroughly remove all the germ threats.


• Maintenance
And now that you have all the knowledge required to take care of the jets, we can focus on the maintenance problem. A lot of people have a problem with the frequency of cleaning, but it is actually not that much. Even if you use the whirlpool tub every single day, you will only be required to clean it once a month. In terms of usage / cleaning ratio, this is analogous to spring cleaning for the home – you barely have to touch it despite the frequent use. But yes, you will have to do something. At the very least, the tub can get discoloured if left unchecked, and in the worst case scenario, because of all the lime scale, soap scum, and moist that gets accumulated when using it, it can attract mould and mildew, which are words you can associate with health problems and also words you don’t want to hear in association with your home, let alone the place where you lie down for a full hour. So make sure you attend to your tub regularly.

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Overall, taking care of the tub is not a task that requires too much hard work and diligence, but it does require dedication to the maintenance. If you clean it often enough, you won’t have any problems. So simply make sure you are cleaning the one spot where you soak in your whole body and it will all be fine.

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