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How to Prepare the Nursery for Your Newborn Baby

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preparing the nursery

Having a baby is an exciting, yet overwhelming experience for many parents. With the arrival of the newborn, you need to take care of an endless to-do list. Preparing the nursery is one of the major tasks you need to manage before the baby is born. You and your little one will spend most of your time in this room, so you need to make it comfortable, calm and most importantly safe.

Depending on your budget and the amount of available space, you can include various features aside from the essentials. Decorating the baby’s nursery is a fun project, but there are important safety considerations you need to take into account.

Choosing the Right Environment
Whether the baby’s nursery is in your bedroom or in a separate room, it should be a peaceful and comforting place. Choose a quiet spot with subdued lightening and little traffic. Yet, the nursery should be close enough to reach within a second.

newborn baby

Consider a wooden screen door that will limit the access of pets or visitors, while allowing you to see and hear the baby at any time. Avoid bright overheads and provide more natural light. Arrange the nursery in a way it logically makes sense to ensure an efficient floor flow. You need to move around the room with ease and have all the necessities within close reach.

Preparing The Room
It goes without a saying that cleaning the nursery thoroughly before you bring your baby at home is essential. Ensure that there is no dust and dirt that may trigger health issues or allergies. You can consider hiring professional cleaning services for better results.


Cribs or Bassinets
Sleeping will be large part of your baby’s routine. You need to ensure that your newborn is cosy and protected in their bed.

• Crib
The needs of your newborn are simple – a firm, flat mattress and a safe enclosure. The safety standards for a crib change often, so stay informed about the new updates. Avoid using furniture that is more than a couple of years old.
When getting a crib, carefully inspect the appliance to ensure that all parts are secured. The slats should not be more than 2 and 3/8 inches apart to eliminate the chance of the baby’s head slipping through. In addition you should look for cracked or missing slats. The top parts of the corner post should be no higher than 1/16 inch and no shorter than 16 inches. Remove any decorative elements in the headboard or the footboard, as well as mobile or hanging items. You should not place the crib near windows, especially with curtains, blinds and cords, because your baby may strangle.

baby in crib

• Bassinet
A bassinet may be more appropriate in the first months of infancy. The benefit of this portable bed is its flexibility. You can move it from room to room effortlessly and watch over your newborn. The downside is that your baby will quickly outgrow the bassinet. This type of bed is more appropriate for the first four or five months, making it more of a luxury item.


Crib Mattress
The mattress should fit snugly into the crib. A good rule of thumb is having no more than a two-finger gap between the crib side and the edges of the mattress.


Bedding and Sheets
You need to have at least two sets of sheets and an extra mattress pad. Make your job easier by covering the mattress pad with a bed sheet and then putting the other spare pad and sheet on top of it. In this way, when the baby wets during the night, you will just remove the upper layer and have the crib ready without any cleaning during the night.


Other Furniture
Generally, the nursery furniture should be sturdy, handy and with a lot of storage space. You don’t necessarily need to have a changing table or dresser. If your space and the budget allow, these useful appliances will make great additions to the nursery. Use the dresser as a storage space for baby care supplies and cleaning products. You will be changing diapers 1000 times a day and you need to be fully equipped. Have plenty of shelves, where you can place all the necessary items like diapers and baby powder. Don’t forget about a trash can and wipes for cleaning the mess afterwards.

changing station

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