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How to Make Your Home Feel Cosier

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cosy home

If you find yourself sitting down on your sofa every now and then, wondering about the interior of your home and why it looks so estranged, then maybe you would consider making some changes. And you should, a home can be very cosy if you let it. You just need to apply some creativity and effort and supply the home with the resources that will contribute to a serene and welcoming abode which you will enjoy spending time in even when you do have other options. And here is what you need:

1. Proper flooring
Place down fluffy rugs, soft carpets, something that gives you a warm feeling every time you put your foot down. Something that might eliminate the need for slippers for most of the year, or, if you warm your home properly, the entire year. Don’t go too crazy by buying capricious things that will make carpet cleaning impossible and rug cleaning intolerable every time you spill something. Simply use something simple, soft and warm.

soft carpet

2. Cushions, cushions everywhere
There is rarely a better sensation than that of a soft cushion to break your fall once you collapse on your sofa after a hard day of work. Or maybe a cushion to rest your head on during the afternoon nap. Or why not a cushion to cuddle with while trying to warm yourself? Or, then again, why not all three?


3. Soft upholstery and bedding
And what’s better than a cushion? Why, a cushion and a soft sofa underneath. Little things in life will bring you such joy as literally sinking in your sofa when seeking comfort.

choosing upholstery

4. A reading corner
One of the best ways to spend an afternoon is to sit in the comfort of your favourite armchair, in the best-lit corner of the house, with a tea cup in one hand, and a book in the other. Add a coffee table for the cup, and maybe a sound system to play tranquil piano music for the ultimate snug experience.

reading corner

5. Scented candles
You can add to the atmosphere of the home with strategically placed scented candles which will fill the rooms with pleasant smells for your nostrils to enjoy. They will be especially welcoming when you are trying to rest and are huddled between the cushions.

scented candles

6. Maintenance
Well, obviously, to keep all of this in order, a certain amount of home cleaning will be required. You can’t just add the softest pieces of furniture and blankets and then hope to keep them that way forever. Comfort is something that requires help from both sides. At the very least, take out the vacuum cleaner and make sure there is no dust in the house. House cleaning is not hard, it only takes time, so don’t be lazy and work for the cosiness you want to have.

house cleaning

7. Adorable pets
To top it all, to add the icing to the cake that your home has become, you can add some life. Some small, cuddly, cute, delightful life. Like a kitten or a pup. Or whatever animal you prefer. Just the presence of a small furry ball of fun will increase the cosiness of your home exponentially. And if you don’t believe that, then just get yourself one and lie down on the sofa. You’ll feel like there is no evil in the world once that ball of fur nestles next or on top of you.

fluffy kitten

Work for the cosiness of your home. Add the right furniture and upholstery, add some cushions and blankets, add anything that will make the house a softer and more welcoming place. And, of course, don’t forget to keep the home clean.

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