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How to Easily Clean Marble Surfaces

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The marble style is one of the more magnificent ways to style up your home. This, of course, means that you also have to know how to maintain the marble’s look. Marble is not the most pretentious sort of surface so you don’t have to be a professional cleaner to do it, but in order to look its best, you do need to take care of it in a certain way. Marble is neither immune to stains, nor to scratches, so you need to: a) learn how to protect it, and b) learn how to clean it in case preventing the stains does not work entirely in your favour. It is not a hard task, but it does take some dedication to your choice of decoration, so as long as you want marble surfaces to shine up your home, you have to take care of them. And here is how to do it best.

• Marble Sealant
The best way to clean a marble surface is by not having to clean the surface at all. The marble is in the house, you are done with home cleaning, and the marble has dried out. And now it’s time to apply the sealant and add a layer of protection to your marble. Sealers are easy to come by and easy to apply, so you can make use of them at any time. What you need to know about sealants, though, is that they are used mostly for preventing stains. They repel smaller cases of liquid or food spills, but they will not protect the surface against scratches, so do take care, you still have to be careful when moving hard objects over the surface.

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• Dish Soap
The best thing about marble is that it requires very little effort to clean a stain from. There are very little stains that are hard to take out, and in 99% of cases all you need to take care of a marble floor or surface is a sponge and dish soap. Similar to when carpet cleaning, whether it is a food or drink stain, just soap up a small sponge and scrub the marble until it shines up. Use a soft sponge, and definitely not the harder types, and absolutely not the metal scrubbers. They will create scratches with ease and good luck getting rid of those.

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• Microfiber Cloth
This is the ultimate cleaning tool for marbles. You can clean dust and stains alike, and all you need to apply is a little water. The microfiber cloth is ideal for maintenance and you can make use of it on a daily basis to polish the marble surfaces.


• Don’ts
Don’t use the usual green home cleaners from the kitchen. Baking soda is abrasive and will scratch the surface. Vinegar has acidic properties which will damage and etch the marble. And lemon... okay, lemon is good for disinfecting and doesn’t do any damage but it does leave a sticky trail. Also, don’t use any type of gritty cleaners like the ones you use for grout or hardwood floors, they are also abrasive. If you want to disinfect the marble surface, use a mixture of a bit of hydrogen peroxide and lots of water. This is the most common tool and works wonderfully. Don’t use bleach – while effective, it is highly toxic, and it also pales darker marble.

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And this is the gist of it. Taking care of your marble is not a tough job, but it requires dedication and diligence. The maintenance should be frequent, so if you have marble floors, use the mop a few times a week, and take damp cloth to marble counters almost daily. If you want further protection, use coasters for cups and bottles on counters and tables, and place rugs on strategic places on the floors. If you avoid the scratching, keeping the marble in the home clean will be a piece of cake.

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