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Even the Smallest Things Can Get in the Way of a Clean Home

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Home cleaning routines are all kinds of rituals, and as such, everything there has an order. Left to right, top to bottom, dust to grime, etc. – it all comes down to your own sense of order and what comes after something. But, of course, in order for something to come next, something has to happen before that. So, what if one of the items on a list is not present? What happens when a particular action cannot be performed because something is missing: do you have to stop and ponder over it, or do you go on without finishing it? How important is the order in the ritual of house cleaning for you? Do you even think that one thing can trip your whole process of cleaning? Let’s find out by looking at some possibilities.

1. Your vacuum cleaner bag is full and you don’t have any spares.
As with every cleaning, you should always start with dusting. This is important so that you don’t have to breathe in all the dust that rises when you start the scrubbing and more thorough cleaning of a surface. But what happens if that process is taken away from you? Partly, at least. What happens if you find out that you cannot proceed with carpet cleaning because there are still dust mites in the fibres and there is no way for you to get them out? Sure, you can get them out with a brush, but that would take forever and would disrupt the rest of the cleaning process as you already have a schedule that you wanted to follow. Your feather duster cannot help you there. And what about all the corners in the room which you planned on vacuuming first before proceeding with the cleaning products? You have not even begun with the cleaning and your whole ritual is already ruined, and you are stumbling with the task. And all that because of one vacuum cleaner bag.

vacuum cleaner bag

2. Your sponges are grimy and you don’t trust them to clean.
What happens if you suddenly realise that you are out of sponges? You use them to clean dishes, you use them for countertops, and you use them in the bathroom. So how will that spring cleaning work now? Do you continue with the rest of the rooms and tasks and later come back? That means cleaning while all those dirty dishes are glaring accusingly at you from the sink. That means skipping some parts of the cleaning in favour of others. Every change in the cleaning routine has a different effect, so what does a whole section of your house being left because of the lack of one simple item mean to you?

grimy sponge

3. You have no more rubbish bags left.
There is so much clutter in the house and much of it is rubbish to be thrown away. You go to the kitchen cabinet, open it... and you realise that you have no more rubbish bags. Now you are left with heaps of items to be thrown away, nothing to throw them away with, and a whole house that needs your attention in the background. You use rubbish bags for so many things, so how do you proceed with the home cleaning with no removal tools at hand? Again, the routine is ruined and you have to run out to the store for supplies, and so many things can dissuade you from continuing to clean from there.

rubbish bags

A person who is busy thoroughly cleaning house can be very reminiscent of a person with OCD. You know what you have to do, you know when you have to do it, and you know in what order to do it. Every issue with one of those things ruins the order, trips your routine, and makes the task immensely harder. And all that because of the smallest things. Curious, isn’t it?

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