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Autumn Cleaning in Preparation for the Cold Season

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A Guide to Autumn Cleaning

Despite its name, spring cleaning is not an event that should occur only once a year. Spring cleaning is rather the name of the thorough house cleaning your home undergoes to shake off the previous seasons and to prepare itself for the upcoming ones. And just as it shakes off the cold autumn and winter seasons, so should autumn cleaning shake off the warmer spring and summer seasons and prepare you for the upcoming onslaught of low temperatures and heavy clothing. So prepare yourself for this thorough home clean.

Get rid of the cobwebs

Admit it, how many vacation days you had during the summer? Well, while you were on the beach, having a heavenly time under the sun and trying to forget about words like ‘work’, ‘school’, ‘responsibilities’ and ‘chores’, the schools of spiders in your home never took their leaves and kept working responsibly to give you more chores to do when you come back. When the autumn cleaning starts, you better leave no stones unturned, because cobwebs will have taken over the place and will need swift removing. Just don’t forget the golden rule of cleaning: work top to bottom!

take care of the cobwebs

Dusting, dusting, dusting

Dust mites also never sleep and keep accumulating all over the house. But when you are doing thorough autumn cleaning it doesn’t cut it to superficially hover with the vacuum cleaner once and be done with it. This is not a daily routine which if not done completely today will be taken care of tomorrow. Today is the only time in the next six months when you will be cleaning under the carpet as well as carpet cleaning, dusting under the bed, behind the wardrobes, and between the cabinets, so there literally is no tomorrow for this – at least not until spring cleaning comes. Vacuum every single one of those spots, and do as many streaks as you can before you get tired – thorough home cleaning is supposed to be tiring, otherwise we would do it daily.

Dusting is essential

Beds and upholstery

Seeing as how the cold seasons are soon to arrive, you might want to first clean all the stains of summer from your upholstery in the living room (don’t fool yourself, there are bound to be greasy pizza or sticky ice cream marks somewhere on your sofa). And then you can help yourself by airing the mattress to get the dust, moisture, and sweat smells from the summer. A good vacuuming would also be welcomed. And then you can exchange your covers and sheets with a little warmer ones to greet the arriving winter with.

cleaning your upholstered furniture

Organise the wardrobe

Since the wardrobe needs to be organised two to four times a year (once for each season), autumn is the perfect time to replace the small and thin summer T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, and short skirts with sweaters, vests, turtleneck polos, and whatever else your winter wardrobe usually contains. It is important to do this before the actual season comes or it will feel very unpleasant to look for the proper warm outfit for the zero temperature day by rummaging through the unorganised wardrobe while still in your thin and very cold un-resistant blouse and trousers.

Organising the wardrobe

Give a good carpet cleaning

Vacuum, look for stains, clean the underside as well. This is one of the two seasons where carpet cleaning is a good idea, and you will have to do it to clear out all the dirt you brought in and lodged into the piles during the hot, dry, dusty and sweaty summer.

vacuum your carpets

Autumn cleaning should not be overlooked. It is the perfect season to do it as you can both forget about resting and could get in shape for the upcoming working weeks and cold weather. It is indeed a preparation for the winter seasons and you should undergo it to greet winter with a clean house and a ready-for-work attitude.

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