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A Guide to the Surroundings of Chiswick

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Living in Chiswick

Chiswick is a beautiful area with years and years of history, which can be seen all over the district. The first recorded mention of Chiswick dates back to the year 1000. The oldest building currently there is the Old Burlington pub to be found on Church Lane, a 15th century building which is a much loved staple of the area. However, it was bombed rather badly in the Second World War, which left its mark all over. There still stand war memorials to this day that commemorate the sad occasion where many were badly injured.

Chiswick Area Guide

West of Charing Cross, Chiswick is found upon a meander of the River Thames. It is a beautiful and cultural area filled with all sorts to do and all sorts to see. Even without delving into all its separate activities and amenities, one can see the brimming over of gorgeous architecture all over. With river views and the nearby unique island of Chiswick Eyot, the whole picture is an absolute feast for the eyes that’s not to be missed. If you’re moving to the region any time soon, you’re lucky to be nesting in an area of such grand history and beauty!

Chiswick High Road acts as a central hub to life in the area, and sports many great things to see and do. Its retail outlets are extensive and cover both commercial and independent business, so every resident and visitor can find something they enjoy. Similarly, it is home to a number of restaurants that service locals more than admirably. There’s even a growing area of office and hotel space which does a fantastic job at providing employment all over. The area is also proud to house the Griffin Brewery, which produces all sorts of award winning ales and beers for all tastes!

Chiswick Ultimate Area Guide

There are a great number of facilities around that will make sure you’re always looked after. Let a local cleaning company spruce up your property while you sit back and relax. After all, in such a beautiful town, why not leave the hard work to professional cleaners while you breathe in your surroundings? Whatever you need in Chiswick, it’s sure to be there to help you get on top of things. You won’t be left in the lurch or out to dry, as it’s a great community where there’s always a strong local business just waiting to pick up the slack.

One incredible landmark in particular is Chiswick House, which stands as an enormous and impressive testament to British architecture and prestige. It is a Palladian villa that stands on Burlington Lane and was completed in 1729! Other landmarks include the churches of St Nicholas and St Michael and All Angels, which rests in Bedford Park with its breathtaking spire. The small Tabard Theatre also operates a separate pub, but puts on several performances and writings that often take an experimental but interesting tone. It is always worth checking out for a great night out in the area!

Living in Chiswick Area

Voysey House, or otherwise known as The Sanderson Factory, is a grade II* listed building that is bursting with history from its old business of wallpaper production on Barley Mow Passage. Nearby Bath Road boasts the Arts Education Schools which accommodates for all sorts of creative fields. Aside from this, Chiswick is well served by a number of fantastic primary and secondary schools that provide absolutely top line education to the area. Running along the River Thames, transport is also made easy by the several main roads that enter and surround Chiswick, not to mention well established links to the London Underground. Quite clearly, this district has it all!

Chiswick Area

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